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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

AI Cloud which accelerates production and results

Enterprise AI/machine learning technologies are increasingly used by businesses to offer crucial business results. An analysis found that the market for AI had accelerated to the point where more than 25% of businesses were aiming to scale AI across several business units.

Compared to past research that supported departmental deployments, this marks a significant improvement, according to Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst for AI platforms, analytics and data management at Omdia. It also shows a significant increase in management costs, maintenance complexity, and risk exposure for many businesses that choose to keep operating their infrastructure.

Although this increase favours departmental deployments, it does foreshadow an increase in management costs, maintenance complexities, and risk exposure for many businesses choosing to continue managing their infrastructure. This was stated in a news briefing by Bradley Shimmin, chief analyst for AI platforms, analytics, and data management at Omdia.

DataRobot wants to create something to help important AI/ML initiatives. With the benefit of public cloud services, it will decrease the cost and time-to-value in deploying, upgrading, and managing AI. The DataRobot is dedicated to Managed AI Cloud, and a dedicated hosted version of AI Cloud managed by DataRobot professionals was introduced.

A decade of experience managing mission-critical AI/ML projects for clients done on-premises, in virtual private clouds, public clouds, and in DataRobot multi-tenant SaaS deployments forms the foundation of the DataRobot Dedicated Managed AI Cloud.

To save time and money, the new solution will ease team members from administering or maintaining platform changes. This is done while meeting each customer's security, seclusion, and data residency criteria.

Each customer receives their own dedicated and independent Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for deploying the DataRobot Dedicated Managed AI Cloud. Within the same organization, several departments can keep their models, initiatives, and data distinct from other business operations.

Venky Veeraraghavan, senior vice president of products, DataRobot affirmed that he was eager for business executives to recognise the value of the managed offering. Customers may concentrate on generating business results while retaining their unique security requirements and utilising the cloud's evergreen deployment and new capabilities with DataRobot managing the operational parts.

By removing implementation time and resources when using the DataRobot Dedicated Managed AI Cloud platform, businesses can use ML, decision intelligence, and MLOps capabilities more quickly.

With this new service, the AI Cloud's complete functionality is extended by giving each client access to a managed, dedicated instance of the DataRobot platform running in the cloud.

According to Omdia analyst Bradley Shimmin, the Dedicated Managed AI Cloud offers businesses the most delicate features of cloud and on-premises installations.

According to him, it enables businesses to deploy AI workloads within their data centres while benefiting from the cloud's scalability and flexibility without managing internal initiatives. Businesses concerned about security but still need cloud-level performance can benefit from the managed-cloud strategy.


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