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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Alibaba joins LCPP by pledging nine patents to support low carbon technologies

Alibaba group has joined alliances with LCPP (Low Carbon Patent Pledge) to play a supportive role in distributing green and low energy-efficient technologies.

Alibaba makes 9 data centre energy patents for the LCPP. Including Alibaba’s nine patents, LCPP now has 544 patents. These patents were delivered from 10 multinational companies- USP, Microsoft, Meta, HPE, Lenovo, etc.

And now, Alibaba has also joined by making nine patents for data centre energy. But before we go in-depth with Alibaba and LCPP, we should know a little about them and Alibaba Cloud.

Low Carbon Patent Pledge (LCPP) was established with a goal. With the drastic change in the climate, humanity will be facing a great disaster in the next 100 years. LCPP is now the hope of saving humanity and innovation for society.

HPE, the Meta, and Microsoft, three big multinational companies, founded LCPP on Earth Day, 22 April 2021. The LCPP was established to provide low carbon energy worldwide for a meagre cost.

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Chief Technologist for Sustainable Transformation, John Frey, said, “The world needs radical collaboration to meet this critical moment in the climate crisis.”

“To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, we need to work together to innovate faster. We hope to accelerate and encourage innovation by enabling others to build upon our work.”

And that’s why they are taking patents from every giant company worldwide. Many companies like Lenovo and USP have already sent their patents. And now, Alibaba has also joined them.

Alibaba Cloud is the computing subsidiary branch of the Alibaba group. It operates all data computing and clouding facilities.

Alibaba Cloud has set up 24 data centres worldwide. Recently Alibaba Cloud has set up a data centre in South Korea. The Regional General Manager of Japan and South Korea of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Unique Song said they are launching the data centre in Korea “to meet the strong needs for digital transformation.”

The Alibaba Cloud is planning to rely on carbon-neutral energy by 2030 entirely. And that’s what encouraged them to make patents for LCPP, which is willing to provide low carbon energy throughout the world.

Alibaba group’s patent to LCPP: Here comes the real deal. By now, Alibaba has pledged nine patents to LCPP to ensure the support to provide low carbon-efficient energy worldwide.

Although, two of their nine patents were discrete from the LCPP’s actual motives. Those two patents state that to limit the power consumption of hard drives and improve hardware utilisation rate.

These two patents mainly focus on power saving rather than encouraging green energy. We don’t know what Alibaba Cloud has on their minds right now.

Alibaba is already on the move to become a fully carbon-neutral company. The 24 data centres they established worldwide will become the pillar of that motive.

But how is Alibaba helping the LCPP to make the innovation for humanity?

Alibaba developed a liquid submerging cooling system in 2015 and is calling it a “Soaking server.” They are willing to provide LCPP with the parts of this soaking server to reduce the energy expenses.

The reduction of energy expense strategy has worked well for Alibaba. They claim that this soaking server has helped Alibaba save 70 per cent of their energy expenditure for the data centres worldwide.

VP and the Sustainability Steering Committee Chairman, Dr Chen Long, talked about the matter and “broader social responsibility.”

Alibaba is now in the race with ten other multinational companies to acquire the power of low carbon energy. Their real goal is estimated to be a carbon-free company like Google has started to become.

Although they had to go a long path to reach there, Alibaba knows it better than others, and that’s why they have taken the initiative much earlier. Its green energy plan is now set to finish in 2030.

Alibaba is aware of the risk and willing to tolerate it. Not just Alibaba, there might be many more companies that would be willing to make patents for LCPP shortly. All for the sake of innovation and humanity.


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