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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Alluxio Open-source Orchestration Platform raised $50 million in Series C funding

Open-source orchestration provider Alluxio finally received significant funding for their next venture to upgrade the solution. A $50 million grant is received as per the announcement of the new data orchestration platform. Alluxio software financial service founder and CEO Haoyuan Li said, "the more digitalised an industry is, the higher rate of adoption we are seeing."

There are many cloud service providers, along with big names such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent, etc. Choosing one can be tricky as they offer similar base services, but they vary by tiny details and have their requirements.

The competitive tech world is gradually upgrading, and we can't say one is better than the other as each can be specified or customised manually for customers' needs. Alluxio supports a layer of storage transfer technology over the essential cloud services to make transitions easy.

Over the years, the open-source platform gained massive attention from the overall userbase, and finally, they received $50 million in funding to upgrade the service. Even the Kubernetes cloud-based docker platform can benefit from Alluxio.

Alluxio v2.6 Data Orchestration Platform open-source community edition and enterprise edition was finally made available for the public with the 1st July 2021 announcement. Since then, the company has been trying to attach ML/AI workloads with their program. AI/ML workloads work great with storage compatibility and improve the maintainability of clusters and large-scale deployments. With the funding, they will upgrade again with more features, optimized performance and enhanced visibility.

Alluxio company blog shared multiple sources where the news was transferred after the announcement, and we can say the community positively receives it.

The $50 million Series C funding will help the company invest in global operations as the silicon valley startup recently opened a new office in China. Alluxio CEO also said they would enlarge "bandwidth in research and development to expand product capabilities" and increase market capacity in various regions.

Alluxio v2.7 Data Orchestration Platform is available as par company announcement with stability improvement, scalability and ML/AI training updates. Version 2.7 has 8-12 times improved I/O efficiency at an even lower cost than before. De-factor data unification and acceleration in data analysis is also improved over time.

The current solution in Alluxio Orchestration has optimised Spark, Presto, TensorFlow and PyTorch integration. AWS, GCP, Azure, and Kubernetes in private and public data centres will significantly benefit from the new adoption.

Total funding brought by Alluxio is more than $70 million, of which a massive chunk is received in the latest fundraiser. Global investment led the fundraiser, including vendors such as Seven Seas Partners, Volcanic Ventures and a16z.

Alluxio had co-located a journey from MR/ Hive HDFS to a disaggregated HDFS system where compute, and HDFS remains on the same cluster. It may seem complicated to many so let's simplify it.

The open-source platform has many frameworks that support cloud-native deployments along with the hybrid cloud. When machine learning and artificial intelligence dominate the market, it will continue for quite some time if the pace continues.

The open-source program makes a virtually distributed file system possible. Providing an easier way for distributed file systems to come under the same radar makes it easier to transfer, backup or remove files. Allowing fluent passage for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments brought tremendous success over the years, which fuelled fundraising by organisations. This kind of platform must get support from the community to truly expand business across the board.

CEO LI said, "Alluxio 2.7 further strengthens Alluxio's position as a key component for AI, ML and deep learning in the cloud."


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