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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

AWS, Microsoft Azure and global cloud partners focusing on premier partnership with Ahead

Even though global tech partnership is not an uncommon scenario, it is one of the most prominent achievements as global citizens. It allows us to get advanced features and deep dive into tech. AWS, Microsoft Azure and global cloud partners focusing on premier partnership with Ahead.

What do we mean by premier partnership? Typically, a partnership occurs when a service buys an opportunity or service from one another. But a premier partnership is quite different.

On top of regular facilities among partners, they can move files quickly, meaning agreements are executed faster. An opportunity is achieved through mutual investment and research throughout the premier partnership, among many others.

Ahead is a solution providing rockstar. Ahead recently acquired vCore and the solution provider said they have a “very large focus on cloud.” cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the two primary choices for the provider who is betting big on compatibilities.

We’ve seen Meta tapping AWS for its cloud expansion and AI collaboration in earlier years. Meta is a whole different scale, and no wonder it’s a trillion-dollar company. At the moment, Meta is relying on AWS services as it’s “long-term strategic cloud provider” for social network platforms and messaging apps.

The fastest growing national solution provider is expected to exceed the $2 billion gross revenue mark, which is phenomenal. In professional and managed services, the company managed to earn more than $200 million with the help of 1,300 employees. With the vast revenue margin, the company aims to integrate top cloud performers of the decade. Complete cloud integration means the best possible service in the market. And Ahead is spending millions to satisfy customer needs.

In 2022, when many businesses had to depend on managed services to keep the functionality alive, Ahead served a great purpose. Cloud infrastructure services spending reached $178 billion in 2021, which is 37 per cent higher than before. All this revenue means more data centres worldwide, an increase in employment and global cloud maturity.

This week, while acquiring vCore, Ahead doubled down on cloud providers as its strength lies in cloud opportunities. Cloud and networking are two core features of vCore and “is a leading partner on the West Coast.” Great recognition was given by The Channel Company’s publication as CRN’s 2022 MSP 500’s Elite 150. Ahead provides services across hundreds of companies around North America. Services include network infrastructure, cloud storage, managed services, etc.

Ahead’s last year’s acquisition includes data analytics consulting firm Vertical Trail. Vertical Trail helps enterprise clients go through the process of insights with cloud adoption. Cloud-based data engineering and data science solutions are critical as they reach out to countless customers. To reach out and give the best service possible, it is crucial to utilise as many opportunities statistics has to offer. President of Chicago-based service provider Ahead, Stephen Ayoub, talked about their growth and acquisition strategy. They “are very confident in the differentiation” brought to the table.

Even though coronavirus had its toll on all of us, the company managed to keep their lights on by ensuring services run with proper tactics. As we are still recovering from the horrifying dream, companies that seek opportunities in the future have already started the process. That’s why Ahead’s strategy to work closely with AWS and Azure makes more sense. The public cloud market momentum is excellent to boost product portfolio along with the client requests seems like a great way to go.

Enterprise spending on cloud surpassed data centre hardware and software spending for the first time in 2019. That stat itself is enormous when the right minds give attention. The drastic worldwide shift with the pandemic was kept operational by IT and cloud services, and spending will only grow.


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