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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

British fintech startup with $1 billion valuations after helping many banks to enter the cloud

London-British fintech startup recently was evaluated over $1 billion backed by big names in valuation. Former Google engineer Paul Tayler created the company in 2014, and since then, the mission has been to move away from legacy IT infrastructure to a modern cloud infrastructure.

Cloud is making things much more accessible, secure and efficient without arguments. But moving away from a comfortable traditional system is quite tricky. At that moment, a company like Thought Machine comes in handy to handle the workload, making the transition as easy as possible. Afterwards, it’s a roller-coaster ride towards better technology to support operations.

Thought Machine, the British startup, raised $200 million in the initial fundraising round led by Nyca Partners. But later, JPMorgan Chase, Standard Charted and ING came into action to back up a deeper cash injection. Currently, the company evaluates at a little over billion dollars.

The company also provides support in the US and supports the British banking system. Cloud-based platforms are becoming the minimum requirement in the digital era to survive. The banking system is one of the critical infrastructures as the economy is desperate for a centralised platform. If services are not on par, many features stay out of reach for many customers. Translating a loss factor against competitors who already adopted cloud-native services.

Though Machine joined the cloud-native computing foundation in 2020 and since then the added features are providing much value to clients, the company is partnered with Microsoft Azure for their cloud services which is another top name separated from typical ones. Providing cloud service is not an easy task.

There are so many crucial features and new implantations involved to start a cloud company. As significant of a company, Microsoft has no lack of support, whether financially or engineering, pulled it off and became quite successful on what they tried to achieve. AWS and GCS are great competitors of the Azure cloud platform.

In June 2020, Thought Machine became officially partnered with Microsoft Azure cause it’s the popular choice among clients. US-based venture capital firm Nyca Partners started the cash injection to the company.

Nyca Partners previously worked with Affirm, REvolult and different companies. But the most significant push of cash was given by ING, Standard Charted and JPMorgan chase. Lloyds Banking Group, SEB, Eurazeo have already invested in the company, and as the evaluation raised, they increased their holdings too.

Thought Machine, in a blog post, shared insights on the Series C funding event. The investment will help the company increase related services and support its growth.

Since 2020 the company has had 200 employees, which is not enough for the rapidly expanding growth. To cope with it, Thought Machine relocated with a larger HQ in London in October 2021.

The funding will be added towards improving Vault and the universal product engine. This allows flexibility in product development and configuration. The Tech World is constantly evolving, and no one knows what’s next. The current generation of technology needs to make the transition easy to cope with that. Thought Machine promises excellent delivery options, creating a seamless and secure system for the banking industry, as it is the prioritised sector.

Founder Paul Taylor in an interview with CNBC, said, “it’s a fantastic time to be an entrepreneur; there’s more funding available than ever.” He also said, ‘in the UK, we can build a world-class company, rather than always be looking over our shoulder at Silicon Valley.’

Though Machine directly competes with Mambu, which is evaluated at $2 billion in recent funding and 10x Future Technologies. Indeed the fintech world is growing, and let’s not forget it’s not easy for startups to rise at this level as quickly without the community and investor support. What other plans the company has in mind for the future is yet to see.


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