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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Business in Metaverse: Next Generation of virtual reality

With each passing day, we learned that our technology would slow down or even shut down, making room for newer and more innovative ideas. Of course, businesses, service sellers, product-market will remain the same at the core. But on the outside, we may have to adapt to the next generation of virtual reality.

With this virtual reality, we are not necessarily meaning VR or AR but the virtual world being developed every day. Since the day we started using the web, our virtual countdown started. Now, we are at a state that current-generation technology is helping to provide next-generation tech at a faster pace.

How do businesses survive in this era? During the coronavirus devastating times, many companies shut down. Many temporary and a lot permanently. Firms and people realized the online world is not just for communication but a whole lot more. Mesh for Microsoft Teams, under development for the last twelve years. Meta from the Metaverse, digital interaction, and a few more ideas in a similar category is trending.

Many trends come before us and go down at double the speed they blossomed at. For tech, it's pretty different. Who could imagine a world without tech? It would feel like we've lost all the connections made throughout the years, developing infrastructure, and a lot more.

Next-generation virtual reality platforms would offer a new way to use existing devices. They can now connect individuals in prebuilt spaces. Meaning you could be sitting at home, but the algorithm will make you look like sitting in a conference room, taking notes for the project.

In a report done by BBC, Facebook's early investor Roger McNamee told us, ''It's a bad idea and fact we are all sitting and looking at this like it's normal." But it should be alarming everyone. Yes, an investor from a company making a virtual reality platform for their following big product gave an unbiased statement. It's not all fine and dandy. Every action has some reaction, but we are not exactly sure what would happen in this case.

But taking precautions never hurt anyone, and we, as a tech-savvy generation, should put more thought into it. He added "Facebook should not be allowed to create a dystopian metaverse."

It is thought that VR will be a big part of every business in the future. Andrew Hawke, CEO of Mesmerize, talked about MR Mark. He bet his entire company and fortune to build the vast VR-based business empire, which is quite fascinating. Many experts said they are not sure how long till every significant business starts their own VR related platform and exploit the medium.

A recent collaboration with Gucci and Roblox showed us virtual items could outprice real-world products. As virtual products are traceable and unlike designer goods, they won't tear. However, cybersecurity comes as an issue. Related problems can be solved by attacking a mechanic similar to the blockchain network, where every transaction is unique, every username is fantastic.

However, the business opportunities will grow tenfold. The business director of UNIT9, Garry Williams, said the businesses could showcase all of their products under one shelter, expanding the revenue portfolio.

No matter where they are around the world, audiences around the clock are free to explore a brand and all its products. Brands can partake in a live together situation without taking the hassle they usually fall in.

We've recently seen the streaming business going through rapid growth. Before that, still, videos were enough to keep us entertained for hours, providing valuable knowledge in some cases. Today, we see more streaming from individuals than brands or companies. In future, the virtual reality will take its place, and Metaverse will bid their horse on that.


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