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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

IBM executive promoting "Watson Orchestrate" for tech partners 

IBM is bringing another business solution software to the market to make your life easier. Decision-makers or core employees of a team, especially those involved in sales, must go through many numbers throughout the day. And once results are finalised, they have to make sales call in a happy mood. But who is not a bit sleepy after pressing and going through all the calculations? This is just a simple example of how things run down the marketing and sales team every day. IBM Watson Orchestrate seems like an ideal solution with perfect timing.

IMB automation general manager Dinesh Nirmal talked about how automation is the future and employees are the only things that can't be automated in an interview with CRN. Of course, we have automated tasks such as sending a mail-in scheduled time and responding to messages appropriately from the database of millions of lines. But it simply doesn't cut it when human interaction is a must.

When customers call a service centre, they want to hear a human voice, not some robot. We don't know if, in the future, robot ideas will be generalised, but we are pretty sure that wouldn't be the case anytime soon. Watson Orchestrate is a great AI-based program that can take human employees' input and execute a computer.

Watson Orchestrate enables four significant capabilities as breakthrough features with AI. IBM's Watson Orchestrate can collaborate, watch for changes, analyse business data, and efficiently work with business systems. There are tons of human-centric tasks that no AI can replace by far. Employees can engage with customers, customise workflow, concentrate on critical thinking rather than setting up appointments, calculate large numbers, visualise and plenty more. Watson Orchestrate is the first of its class to remove human interaction from many computing capable tasks that haven't been available yet.

Dinesh said: "Automation has been there, but now it is taking it to the next level, which is automating the employee itself, the digital labour piece." Watson Orchestrate uses AI to help improve sales, HR and operations. Most of the time, large organisations with complex workflow will get the most out of the AI-based software. For smaller companies, it is also great as the integration will allow the workforce to concentrate on tasks that matter and the rest can be left with AI.

IBM announced Watson Orchestrate at THINK Conference, where it was highlighted as a breakthrough technology. We have similar functionality with assistant software, but they get jobs done separately. Watson Orchestrate brings all those capabilities together. Google Assistant and Siri are stitched together on steroids to handle business tasks, not to respond with a relevant result.

Think Conference is in preview mode, available in IBM Cloud Paks for Automation. The software solution is a proper SaaS offering from IBM. It is genuinely a fascinating trait to think AI will handle our businesses adequately. The AI will provide workers across sales, HR, operations and more. They will even help perform both critical and mundane tasks faster. Scheduling meetings, analysing sales charts, victualing growth or loss, interacting with business systems and even preparing proposals can be adequately handled with Watson Orchestrate.

When we think our generation has peaked in Moore's Law and it will be quite some time before another breakthrough begins, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning come with newer traits. We have web functionality, chatbots, and AI problem solver available through browsers or software. Also, there are many businesses centric apps. Primarily they are used to communicate. Watson Orchestrate may gradually remove them if IBM brings in the big guns and promotes them properly.

Watson Orchestrate learns as it goes, so if the calculations are not in the proper format, it won't make the same mistake next time. Also, self-serving with easy automation, improving productivity, and business performance are the priority built-in Watson Orchestrates codebase.


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