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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Intel vPro® Platform targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

Intel's vPro® platform leader, Stephanie Hallford, says, 'We are starting to reach out to more small- and medium business channel players. The channel operations can quickly move and fill niches if the scope is on par. Intel is an innovator and tech leader who brings many solutions to make organisational lives easier."

The Intel vPro® platform is a validated integrated platform with built-in performance, security, manageability, and stability features. You'll get a PC with business-class performance, hardware-enhanced security features with Intel® Hardware Shield, and PC fleet stability.

vPro® is an efficient way for IT departments to monitor, update, and troubleshoot multiple PCs without dealing with hardware physically. It's becoming increasingly important as we move into a mobile reality where "the office" does not always mean four walls and a desk.

Intel's vPro® has been around for 16 years and has long been considered an industry-standard protocol for remote management and security for PCs. The platform has evolved and expanded services to more businesses despite its long history. Intel's vPro®, which has been around for 16 years, is considered an industry standard. The standard protocol is for remote management and security for commercial PCs. Nonetheless, the platform has evolved and expanded its services to more businesses despite its long history.

Stephanie Hallford is Intel's vice president and general manager for business client platforms and is in charge of the vPro® security platform, part of the Client Compute Group, aimed at commercial businesses. The Santa Clara, California-based company released the latest version of its vPro® platform, code-named Alder Lake.

During the Vision 2022 conference in Dallas, Hallford spoke with CRN- "Our strategy has been pivoting," Hallford said. "At 16 years old, vPro® is the dominant PC platform in large enterprises. And it is built around remote manageability. But 16 years later, we realised we needed to do more than that."

This year, Intel aimed to expand vPro® 's offerings to small and midsize businesses to supplement its presence in the ample enterprise space. "We're starting to reach out to more small- and medium-business channel players because that's a very fragmented market," Hallford explained. "Our channel programs are extremely effective in difficult-to-reach areas." The channel can move quickly and fill niches.

The new lightweight version of vPro®, dubbed vPro® Essentials, was released in March and is available on more than a dozen laptops and Chromebooks. A light version of vPro® was thought to be appealing to cost-conscious small businesses and government contracts. According to Hallford, the offering has been well received by small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers thus far.

As more enterprises and SMBs migrate to the cloud and begin to deal with artificial intelligence, Hallford believes vPro® can provide customers with peace of mind. "It's entirely cloud-ready and cloud-centric," she explained. "We can activate it via the cloud, so they won't have to do any heavy lifting."

Kent Tibbils, VP of marketing of Fremont, Calif.-based ASI, a longtime distributor of Intel chips, said, "there are other solutions, but that capability wins out."

Let's learn a bit more about Intel vPro®

Intel vPro® Enterprise works on Windows OS and will empower PCs to the power needed to handle businesses today. vPro® has an enhanced performance manager that can help strengthen your data security and provide a better set of controls.

If we only go through the latest generation of vPro® processors, they all were launched in Q2'22 with a maximum of 5.00 GHz maximum turbo frequency. The least yet effective compatible version for the vPro® model (Intel® Core™ i7-12800H Processor) can go up to 4.80 GHz and has about 14 working cores. At the moment, CDW, Connection, SHI, and TigerDirect are the trusted platforms to ease your Intel vPro® needs.


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