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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

The use of internet metrics in 2021

92-year-old grandma now uses the internet for family meetings. Sounds fascinating right? The use of the internet has been on the rise since it started and people began to see the benefits of it. How would computing look like in the next 50 or 100 years in the future? It is a question that has been asked for years. And Tech News Pro will answer in the simple way possible.

Last year a google podcast on computing named “Where the Internet Lives”, directed to a search result on Google, termed “RetroFuturism”. Specifically one particular illustration from the 1930s. There are women in pilot jumpsuits holding hands. Behind them, there are flying cars. It’s not here yet but we get the gist. On their hand, there are telephones with mirrors attached representing today’s video calling medium.

If looked closely it can certainly blow our mind, as to how current it feels. We still have a vision for the future and the internet is one of the keys to this accomplishment. The increase of IoT, 5G, or even 6G internet is on the rise.

According to the Downdetector Virgin Media had one of their biggest outages the week of 27th April and they received tons of complaints. This is due to the requirement of high volume data.

Every few years we can shirk technology and make updates of it, with new implementations. This is called Moore’s Law. And we have seen the internet grow from analog computers to smartwatches. Some experts say The Moors Law is dead by now. But we are not there yet.

Data centers are growing rapidly to cope with the change needed. Serving huge demand 24x7 takes every bit of possible power. Even in the downtimes.

Our phone calls are more internet-based now than it was 5 years ago. Not only voice but video calls, hangouts, or simple zoom meetings.

Broadcast technology took a huge leap in the last years and it’s only predicted to grow. Not only the internet is growing. It takes physical platforms to get the use of it. Our devices now have 100 times more chips and transistors than in the last decade.

IoT will mature more in the future. Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, wearable devices, high bandwidth fiber connection, improved data centers are the key changes, that are happening in front of our eyes.

Will the current fiber optic last for many years to come? Yes, it will, it was built this way to support more raw computing power transmission on a massive scale. Currently, we are at the peak of our internet usage and the metric is only predicted to rise.


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