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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

Jeff Bezos himself may temper promises made for Congress

The House Judiciary Committee accused Amazon top executives of their business practice and gave notice. for further investigation for updated reports. The committee was built with five exclusive members who released a letter subjecting the current CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy. Former CEO Bezos is also included in the controversial ethics report and will undergo investigation regarding damning reports.

Published documents are severe as they explicitly mention Amazon copying products and rigged search results to promote their products in their Indian subdomain. The release of the internal document shows the e-commerce giant systematically running a campaign for in house products, removing the ethical competition in the market. This boosted Amazon's revenue as they were more engaging for customers. In some way, it makes sense to promote own products. But it had to be on paper. If the report says the search results, keywords are different; they would have to be different. Otherwise, this planned rigging could get Amazon in lots of trouble.

The strategy was reviewed by at least two Amazon executives, including Bezos. The product line in India suffered the most, according to the published report. Amazons Associate General Counsel, Nate Sutton, testified, "we do not use any seller data for – to compete with them." Also added, the company does not "use any of that specific seller data in creating our private brand products." Jerrold Nadler carries the committee from the judiciary, David N. Cicilline from administrative law; Ken Buck, a ranking member on antitrust of the subcommittee; Pramila Jayapal and Matt Gaetz.

Amazon has been reportedly accused multiple times of various business practices, but many of those times were ignored that the company would follow lines as the pandemic shift goes away. The letter sent to chief executive officer Jassy said it is "a final opportunity to provide exculpatory evidence to corroborate their prior testimony and statements on behalf of Amazon to the Committee."

The letter also reads, "interviews with more than 20 former employees of Amazon's private-label business showed that employees pulled data on competitors, including individual sellers, as part of a "standard operating procedure at the company" before Amazon decided to make its line of copycat products."

One of Amazon's former employees working on the section said, "I used to pull sellers data to look at what the best products were when I was there." Though the company denied accusations, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, The Markup examined thousands of internal Amazon documents, including emails, business plans, and strategy papers, where traces of this kind of activity were seen clearly.

More on the internal documents: Data examination was conducted by Amazon employees. Amazon. had specific data manipulation with the aim to identify high selling goods with tags such as 'reference' or 'benchmark' and 'replicate.' The brand strategy was initially created for the Indian market called 'Solimo.' Founder of Atlanta-based consumer goods startup 4Q Brands, Gomez said they paid $40,000 a month to Amazon for boosting sales and using company elements. If the company where the products are listed uses the same data on their products and prioritises keywords, that specific amount of monthly payments is useless. And it's the story of just one company, whereas there are thousands.

The Markup released stats containing top spot prediction for products with flipping a coin percentage carrying 49% chance, number of reviews 52%, Star ratings 55%, brand and everything else together 71-73%, these are the numbers calculated to list products higher in search results. Amazon in 2019 said to Congress that they don't care for product ranking in search results, whether it's an in house product or listed by other companies. If the filtration results come true, everything regarding this promise makes a false promise, and Congress will take further action.


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