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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

ManageEngine launches cloud-native Identity platform

ManageEngine, part of Zoho Corporation, has launched Identity360, a new cloud-based identity management platform created with a clear goal of simplifying identity and access challenges arising within enterprise workforces.

ManageEngine has also added new access approval and identity risk check features to its existing ADManager Plus solution to help companies improve security compliance and reduce risks.

Workforces are going digital, using new technologies to work faster and easier. This means identity management is more important than ever to enable mobility without sacrificing security and compliance.

Identity360 aims to meet those workforce needs. It integrates directories and apps to streamline user identity management. The service enforces access controls across connected systems, and offers complete identity lifecycle management with workflow orchestration to optimize business processes.

“Identity360 can help organizations securely move to the cloud and effectively manage user access to apps while enforcing strong security,” said ManageEngine's Manikandan Thangaraj.

The new features in ADManager Plus boost security readiness by identifying risks and automatically mitigating them. Access approval ensures users only have the required rights for their jobs. This strengthens security and demonstrates compliance.

“Assessing risks and approving access can improve Active Directory's security, streamline audits, and ensure compliance,” said Thangaraj.

Highlights of ManageEngine’s Identity Management Solutions include a centralized directory with identity services and reporting. It incorporates unified identity management across integrated systems and reduces password fatigue and unauthorized access risk with multi-factor SSO.

The ManageEngine’s solution finds Active Directory security gaps, fixes them proactively, and limits network resource access through periodic access reviews.


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