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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Snap AR Lens Fest discovers Snap and Amazon to expand in-app AR eCommerce 

Amazon and Snapchat have forged a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the online shopping experience through the popular Snapchat messaging app. This collaboration follows a previous agreement between the two companies focused on augmented reality (AR) try-on services for eyeglasses. With Snapchat boasting of 363 million daily users, the new venture allows individuals to seamlessly engage in e-commerce directly through Amazon within the Snapchat platform.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, this innovative service will be applicable to select products advertised on Snapchat. This marks a pivotal moment as customers in the United States can now shop Amazon's Snapchat ads and complete transactions without leaving the social media app. 

The integration promises real-time pricing, Prime eligibility information, delivery estimates, and detailed product information for select Amazon product ads in Snapchat. Moreover, the collaboration extends beyond the virtual storefront. Users have the option to link their Snapchat and Amazon accounts, facilitating seamless cross-platform transactions. 

This integration not only enhances the user experience but also underscores the commitment of both companies to creating a mutually beneficial relationship leveraging their massive global user bases.

The timing of this announcement coincides with Snap's Lens Fest, an event celebrating augmented reality developers worldwide. Snap reported that approximately 330,000 developers are actively using its AR platform, resulting in the creation of over 3.5 million Lenses and a staggering 3 trillion views. 

Lens Fest showcased the latest developments, including the Lens Studio 5.0 Beta, featuring enhanced functionality and performance for advanced AR projects. Notably, the collaboration with OpenAI to launch a new ChatGPT Remote API is a groundbreaking addition, allowing developers to integrate ChatGPT into Lenses, enhancing human-machine interactivity and providing users with improved conversational, learning, and creative functionality.

Snap's commitment to advancing AR technology extends beyond Lens Fest. The company is actively diversifying its enterprise-facing services, evident in the introduction of the Augmented Reality Enterprise Services (ARES) platform. 

Snap's involvement in major events like the MTV Video Music Awards underscores its commitment to pushing the boundaries of XR and metaverse technologies. Snap Lens played a central role in engaging audiences with AR tools during the Awards, contributing to a 3% spike in viewership. The collaboration with artists like Snoop Dogg and Eminem showcased the potential of extended reality performances in the metaverse.


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