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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Snowflake launches Telecom Data Cloud to help assist service providers monetise data

Snowflake (a cloud-based data management company) recently launched its Telecom Data Cloud to assist service providers in monetising their data. The new Data Cloud aims to help telecom operators unlock the value of their data by providing a platform that enables them to leverage the insights that can be extracted from their data.

Telecom operators generate a large amount of data from their network infrastructure, customer interactions, and other sources. This data can provide information from customer behaviour, network performance, and other factors that can help service providers improve their operations, offer better services, and ultimately increase revenue.

However, many service providers struggle to fully monetise their data due to a lack of resources, expertise, and infrastructure. This is where Snowflake's Telecom Data Cloud comes in. The platform provides a scalable, cloud-based data management solution that enables service providers to store, manage, and analyze their data in a cost-effective and efficient way.

With the Telecom Data Cloud, service providers can easily integrate their data sources, create data pipelines, and build data models to generate insights and predictions. The platform also provides a range of tools and features to help service providers manage and secure their data, including data governance, access controls, and data protection.

The Telecom Data Cloud also offers a range of use cases for service providers, including customer segmentation, network optimisation, fraud detection, and more. By leveraging the insights and predictions generated from their data, service providers can improve their operations, offer more personalised services, and ultimately increase revenue.

Applications fuelled by Snowflake, just like the one created by AMDOCS, permit broadcast communications suppliers to modernise their commerce (by moving to the cloud and 5G monetisation endeavours) and rearrange commerce forms around charging, charging, and unused advanced administrations.

Commerce companies like Amazon Web Administrations (AWS), Cognizant, SDG Gather, Prodapt Counseling, and Wipro Restricted can reduce time-to-value for clients with pre-build arrangements that offer assistance to utilise cases, counting OSS and BSS information, expanding operational efficiency, and monetising information to assist develop trade esteem.

Innovation partners like Alteryx, CARTO, DigitalRoute, H2O.AI, Informatica, Sigma Computing, and ThoughtSpot give integrative and out-of-the-box solutions.

Overall, Snowflake's Telecom Data Cloud offers a comprehensive and scalable solution for service providers looking to monetise their data. With its cloud-based approach, the platform enables service providers to easily and efficiently manage their data, generate valuable insights, and ultimately drive revenue growth.


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