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Welcome to our weekly news insights where we highlight the top tech stories of the week. To start with, Kremlin officials are accusing Apple of colluding with the NSA to install spyware on iPhone to spy on thousands of diplomats worldwide. This comes after Kaspersky revealed that it had found spyware on “several dozen” iPhones belonging to Kremlin middle and top management.

Still on security, Toyota has revealed that it found two more servers that exposed personal customer data to the public for 7 years. Early this month, the automaker revealed that a poorly misconfigured server had left the data of millions of customers exposed for 10 years.

Moving on, Amazon has been fined $30.8 million by the FTC over privacy violation cases involving Alexa and Ring security cameras.

And in other big news, IBM is set to launch its first quantum data centre in Europe by 2024. The data centre will be located at IBM's facility in Ehningen, Germany, and will consist of quantum computing systems equipped with utility-scale quantum processors.

Still on Cloud, Google Cloud is now offering $1 million protection cover against cryptomining related losses. The program is part of Security Command Center Premium, a built-in risk and management solution that helps Google Cloud customers to help and detect cryptomining attacks.

Next, users of Ninjaone patch management have reason to celebrate after the RMM software company announced new upgrades including a new dashboard.

We wrapped up the week with a feature of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. How much do you know about the tech world’s newest superstar? Can he live up to the other big names like Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, and Musk?

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