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Our newest segment, Tech News Hub Weekly Roundup. Tech News Hub is eager to picture the highlights with the most exciting events of last week.

A much-awaited update from Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company Tesla finally arrived in the owner’s dashboard with a beta full-self driving (FSD) button. Owners with higher safety ratings are prioritised to receive the update of October 1st. There will be another rollout of a beta update on October 8th. The feature introduced FSD in local streets, auto parking and other supplementary features which previously was only for highways. Autonomous vehicles company Tesla taking heat from lawmakers, and the update at this moment gave a mixed reaction to the community.

Tech News Hub security section covered messaging platform “Signals” going offline on sudden for which the developers behind didn’t show the exact reason. Signal is mainly famous for its way of end-to-end encrypted messaging, an in-built and direct payment system, auto removal of messages and such exciting features. It may have been a “technical outage”, according to security specialists, which is quite common for online-based services.

Google is fighting a record EU fine at the top court. If issues are not resolved, Google may have to count $5.1 billion in penalties right after a $177 million case with South Korea’s antitrust regulators. Though it is easily manageable by such an enormous company, it is not a small number even for them. With these battles of lawmakers and regulators, the company decided to become more competitive in the cloud Marketplace. From the 20% revenue stream, cloud Marketplace fees came down to 3%. AWS and Azure are giving quite a tough competition in this sector, and the tech giant seems interested in joining the fight.

Customer relationship management service (CRM) startup Optimove managed to raise $75 million from Summit Partners. The company CEO said they would use the fund to expand business by acquisitions, doubling headcount and improving overall. The AI-based solution is helping to send messages from over 500 companies. More than 3 billion messages are sent this year alone, a small portion of the 23 billion messages sent in company lifetime.

Another segment of our covering was related to the flexible salary for remote workers. Large companies such as Google, Facebook and Slack, who managed to become the first batches of the company that stayed afloat via remote work, is also considering a flexible salary. Even EU government servants will face salary reductions if they don’t come back to the office. The pay is going to be based on the location they stay. Employment Law Partner said, “unlawful deductions from wages, breach of contract” on the matter.

Our MSP section talked about Kaseya Connect IT Global shifting to a hybrid cloud and Datto going virtual. Even though we see a cooldown of pandemic effects, many decision-makers refrain from joining physical events because those can be done virtually. On the other hand, meet and greet followers think a physical event is much more helpful to build connections and discuss business ventures. With MSP partner Kaseya Connect, IT Global is shifting towards a hybrid cloud for the full-time business venture. Hybrid cloud is fueling a dominating fight, as big techs have the latest facilities in their arsenal. It only makes sense for IT service providers to have the affordable option to reach as many customers as possible.

More exciting stories coming throughout next week, and Tech News Hub promises to be your authentic source of tech-related news. Follow us on LinkedIn to connect or Tech News Hub highlights.


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