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The second Tech News Hub Weekly Roundup of 2022 brings you a wide array of tech news, managed services, IT, cloud, security and compliance happening around the globe. Our week started with a much waited top 10 managed service provider (MSP) ranking that performed the best in 2021.

From the data analysis, cloud integration, customer support to machine learning, customer feedback regulation is managed by these distinguished IT firms. MSPs are responsible for helping thousands of businesses to leave an online footprint and helping more customers effectively. Our top 10 MSP ranking was handpicked from the elite category of MSPs, and more are coming soon.

The second story at Tech News Hub specifically targeted 'Formbook' malware. Though different kinds of malware exist, Formbook malware was injected in the Microsoft Office patch. The patch was to fix some loopholes by the company, but attackers exploited it via zipping malicious code in MS Word document. It can download remote access trojans (RAT) to the victim's computer. Sophos, a security research firm, first reported the exploit, later cored in the Microsoft security blog as an official update. As the year began, we needed an update on the overall 2021 risk rundown and its plans. At Tech News Hub, we covered what's on the horizon regarding security for expanding digital wearables, key trends, applications, research and development processes. As wearable devices can generate constant electric health records (EHR), demographic, location data, vulnerability risk became tenfold. The devices can talk to the internet directly, making them a lucrative target for attackers to gain personal information on the users.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered from another outage just eight days after the consequent outage, raising eyebrows among customers. We found thousands of reports in Downdetector as the US-West-1 and the US-West-2 servers went offline. Cloud services are now one of the direct dependencies on companies relying on tech. Though some services face common challenges due to outages, a few suffer from heavy losses. Thousands of customers of AWS spectated the blackout, and it took a few hours before the servers were functioning again.

Though we are now familiar with digital cryptocurrencies, the NFT sector remains an underdog, and investors support the new move with billion. GameStop, a renowned American video game consumer electronics and merchandise retailer, opened their NFT buying, selling and trading platform to directly compete with big fish. OpenSea, currently the unrivalled king of NFT, is finally getting a worthy competitor. After 'meme stock' of GameStop shares and losses, the company finally picked up a new game with the NFT world.

China's regulation is one of the most common features circulating the global reporting, and we at Tech News Hub are also interested in the newer missions by the community. Being one of the largest demographics, China is famous for cheap labour and interest in tech. They are making it a global hub for investors to build new companies, such as smartphones, electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids. The Ministry is cutting companies ' costs to promote new energy vehicles (NEVs). New energy vehicles (NEVs) will have 30 per cent fewer subsidies to think of as the 2022 mission was set accordingly. From 2020 to 2022, the boost of NEV production is given heavy priority, giving the country more revenue and interest to global investors. There will be a new contract for NEVs, but the subsidies will expire in 2022.

Our final story of the week covered their UK airports coming under Google Cloud AI and Pangiam Project Dartmouth. It will bring in AI facilities for luggage screening and enhanced security measures. Though facial recognition is another feature to look at, the upgrade will act as a starter with tech leaders and airport authorities. Aberdeen, Southampton and Glasgow airports, owned by AGS Airport, is the first of its type to implement such advanced technology to help passengers, staff and airport authorities' life much easier. With this, we are summing up this weeks roundup; stay tuned for more.


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