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Welcome to the Tech News Hub Weekly News Roundup, a weekly session for our readers on the move. Our beloved readers inspire us to publish a wide array of tech news to keep stuff fresh and exciting, and this week is no different.

It may come out as a surprise, but we've been discussing publishing a yearly roundup. Hence our week started with Tech News Hub 2021 Roundup. It covered all the previous year's stories with quick links for easy browsing. The story is divided into cybersecurity, MSP, business, Cloud, AI, ML, crypto, career and overall news categories. Please check out the whole story and find what we did throughout the years.

Our second story highlighted the EU roaming charge change. Major network and communication career Virgin Mobile and O2 is merging on the quest to make EU to the UK roaming charge free. To make the situation similar to Brexit, these two operator users can now freely roam without paying extra roaming charges. Vodafone, EE and Three are also hoping to make a similar decision and make life easier for frequent travellers. Though in future, the charge may increase as they need to cope with fees, now the migration or roaming is cost-free. It is excellent news for both EU and the UK.

Electric vehicles (EVs), New Energy Vehicles (NEVs), plug-in-hybrids are getting smarter every day as manufacturers try to push in more and more features. Though most drivers or owners want to feel reliable and stay like that in the long run, the companies are 'feature bloating' the vehicles. Packing up hundreds of millions of lines of codes requires tons of power and thus chips. Modern chips can handle such load, but the shortage of chips remains. In the computer and smartphone market, chip shortage is dangerous since there are not a ton of qualified manufactures. If these vehicle manufacturing companies build their chips, it's great, but if not, the shortage will last a bit longer. Even though chip shortage gets over soon, 'feature bloating' is not the best idea.

Our fourth cover was biotech investing and the 2021 carnage backdrop. The title is interesting, but let's find out how our readers react to it. Biotech is a large sector, and with the help of modern tech, the industry is booming. We have to wait decades to get new medicines or update old ones before long. But now, with the help of modern tech, companies are getting on Fortune 500's. Though we are not your financial advisers, please take a look at our latest article regarding 2021's biotech investing to pick up some fascinating information's.

The fifth story was of ConvergeOne acquiring Insight Partners. ConvergeOne is s cloud-based solution provider for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. On the other hand, Insight Partners takes care of cybersecurity, data centre, and similar subjects. Though the acquisition amount is not public yet, the information we gained is interesting. ConvergeOne is on #144 of the top 500 service provider list of CRN.

Our sixth story was regarding machines becoming too powerful or not. Currently, machines are backed up by automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. They filter through millions of resumes, making the hiring process seamless. Though we get non-biased hiring, some are not happy.

French tech company Atos is seeing some adverse action after publishing its profit warning. As the new CEO came on board, the company needed significant changes, but it was impossible to turn a negative $420 million cash flow margin. CEO Rodolphe Belmer said "the company has the necessary assets" and will turn the negative into a 'steady' earning. Though coming at a revenue may take much longer than anticipated, the French tech company is hopeful for the turnover within 2022.

Stay tuned for another piece of Tech News Hub Weekly News Roundup.


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