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The last Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup of January 2022 brings you some of the most exciting news around tech, business, finance, cybersecurity, crypto, online safety bills and more.

Our first story was regarding ARM’s Morello architecture program for new chip design. Even though ARM is the best in chip designing, their latest generation seems to have security issues. The chip has distribution channels for each operation, and no task is shared in-between. The security layer of SoftBank’s ARMs Morello is built-in. If you think your software-based security system is secured, consider its effectiveness at the hardware level. No process is shared by each other, making them inefficient, but CHERI adoption seems like a good call. The company needs to work further to make the chip truly secure as data centres will be its first batch of customers. Learn more about the new SoC on our full story.

Tech News Hub’s second story this week covered crypto fluctuation. The later part of January changed crypto’s chart drastically. Since November highlights, we are seeing an all-time low in primary crypto’s followed by the whole market. The NFT market, on the other hand, is grabbing the opportunity to bag more ETH. The market is convinced that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates three or four times higher. This even caused tech and financial stocks to plummet, along with crypto.

Microsoft announced 25 new policy changes, directly mentioning admins to remove them. Disabling or eliminating those legacy policies will boost windows performance and efficiency. The official update seems to affect the Reddit community, where users were disappointed at the motive. Windows 10’s version 1511 changed how group policies vary admins behaviour. But again, with this update, they have to adapt to new changes. Check our full story to learn about the group policies and what can you do as an IT admin.

Tesla’s collaboration with Panasonic is not new; Panasonic, LG and CATL are their primary battery distributors. Panasonic will create new 4860 lithium-ion batteries for upcoming and premium Tesla models. Though they are the manufacturers for the pricier series EV batteries, the competition with suppliers revoked revenue gain. Panasonic will invest $700 million to make a factory in Japan to make solely 4860 lithium-ion batteries for Tesla. The plan is to get back the revenue margin similar to before or a bit closer. New 4860 formats are 46 x 80 millimetres in diameter and can give at least a hundred kilometres in vehicles milage.

Tech News Hub is not shy from acquisition news regarding tech, and this one was one of the better ones. Monalytic works directly with the federal government with SolarWinds partnership. After doing business for years, SolarWinds took in Monalytic. The exact figures of the acquisition haven’t been made public yet. It is hoped that Monalytic will bring more customers from the federal and public sector, and SolarWinds will serve them with essential opportunities. The joint venture is seen quite highly in the service provider market as most work with private companies. Working with a public profile may give SolarWinds the much-needed boost to refrain from its revenue margin in the pandemic.

Our cybersecurity sections story covered two stories. Regarding more rigid cyber rules to protect investors against cyber-attacks, another is the UK’s new Online Safety Bill.

Investors are one of the keys to financial stability, and in many cases, they lose their money via fraudulent activities. Cyber-attacks, ransomware, and even personally identifiable information is captured. The SEC chair Gary Gensler and the board set new rules for investment firms.

The final story was regarding the UK’s Online Safety Bill draft, where it needs to be modified again before a final ruling. The MPs are on hearing calls to review the draft. It lets harmful content freely roam online. Post Brexit online safety bill needed a modification, and it is the one even though it lacks in covering some crucial parts.


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