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Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup includes the most exciting stories regarding tech in the first week of February 2022. Our weekly roundup starts with PM Boris Johnson pulling out of a meeting to lure more tech leaders.

The PM had scheduled a meeting in Japan to meet tech leaders in mid-February. Due to coronavirus cases rising, PM had a close family member suffering from the pandemic. Another meeting was scheduled in 10 Downing Street. A 25-minute weekly session regarding the meeting was conducted before PM went inside to work. PM follows in isolation and close vaccinated contact measures and will get back on track as early as possible.

On our second story, the biggest search engine Google and video sharing platform YouTube had a combined revenue of $257.6 billion in the year. YouTube advertisement revenue jumped 25.4 per cent higher from last year Q4. Current documentation says, only from ad revenue and leaving YouTube Music and Premiums subscribers options out, the platform made $8.63 billion in 2021 Q4. Popular video streaming platform and competitor Netflix are a bit shy in revenue margin, proving the Wall Street earning forecast wrong. Alphabet Inc. gets the most profit out of their primary search engine Google. CEO Susan Wojcicki talked about the profit margin of 2021 Q4, which should expectedly break records again in 2022 Q1. The company focuses on NFT space and will give creators more freedom towards new TikTok style shorts and NFT related revenue.

On our third story, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will now allow 5G towers to be closer to airports than previously permitted. The FAA sets rules on the band-C 5G towers to mess with the aviation radio spectrum. AT&T and Verizon are given green signals to close towers to airports as the research is more transparent now. Ninety per cent of aircraft will have no effect by the 5G spectrum, but the other 10 per cent may be affected. The Altimeter Method of Compliance (AMOC) will rethink its network deployment method.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) reported heavily redacted data incidents to the ICO on their Annual Report and Accounts 2020-21. According to the final report, 4,142 email accounts were compromised, consisting of students contact information, parents’ knowledge, personally identifiable data and similar data. MOD maintains educational email services for overseas students.

Another Q4 earning story regarding Samsung’s business year was considerable considering the coronavirus and supply issue. Limited workforce constant blockade was the primary reason among many, but even within those, the Q-on-Q enringing’s of Q4 2021 on NAND profits were up. Though the company couldn’t do as much business as expected, the earnings were $64.8 billion for the South Korean megacorp. It is 24 per cent higher than last business years quarterly earnings. Read more from our full story.

On another exciting side, Google added open-source Python support for their differential privacy (DP) platform. The project was initially launched with three programming languages like C++, Java and Googles own language, Go, Golang. After the efforts of the open-source community, Google finally recognised Pythons official place within DP, alongside automation, ML and AI.

Our last but not most minor story of the Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup consist of worldwide IT spending news. According to Gartner, by 2022, IT spending may exceed $4.5 trillion. Even though the amount sounded questionable, the chart showcased previous yearly growth and the current rate. Managed service providers (MSP) or managed channels, cloud facility, acquisition or partnership program, innovation, recognition, product market and selling, all other aspects of digital products, are considered. They may have a mixed value, so the ideal amount is estimated. 2022 trajectory towards IT financing may exceed $4.46 trillion, as par Gartner reported, which is a tremendous increase from last year.

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