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Welcome to another segment of Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup. We are glad to see the growth of respected readers on the platform. It truly inspires us to be your trusted source of news in all things tech.

This week we started with Google Maps temporarily going offline. Google Maps is considered the default mapping application for our phone, web and application utility. It's not just mapping services we use, but many other platforms rely on Maps API. The outage was reported several times on Downdetector, Maps Platform Status Page and other news outlets. Users were frustrated due to the blackout and started using Apple Maps. But once the issue was resolved, they went back to using Google Maps again, causing a temporary spike in Apple Maps traffic.

Our second story was regarding neon gas manufacturing plants halted due to the Russia Ukraine invasion. Two of the largest manufacturing plants for neon gas used in the semiconductor chip fabrication process is located in Ukraine. Ingas and Cryoin make up about 45 to 54 per cent of the world's neon gas production. Even the supply chain issue is not fixed; this is another blow in the sector. Chip and semiconductor prices may spike again if enough supply is not there. Cryoin is located in the seaside city of Black Sea, where workers are instructed to stay at home due to the current conflict. In 2014, the halt of neon gas production caused its price to spike 600 per cent. The recent shutdown of the neon gas major supplier may cause drawbacks on the production and pricing of new shipments.

Our third story covered Microsoft, and OpenAI brought out a new method of hyperparameters in the neural network. Neural networks are like feeding data in a black box. Of course, it needs to be secure. But the most important thing is to feed it millions, billions and even trillions of training data. The advancements of hyperparameters will save companies and businesses millions of investments that would otherwise go for similar tasks individually. It is excellent progress in the neural network side of things.

In other news, AWS, Microsoft Azure and global cloud partners are focusing on exclusive partnerships with Ahead. Global tech partnership is boosting our economy and advancements like no other. On the other hand, managed services serve a huge list of clients, helping them achieve goals. Ahead is such a platform. The best companies vision the future, not just the current time. Even though we are familiar with the cloud and businesses are jumping ship every day. The cloud strategy is not implemented at an accurate level yet. That's the concern for Ahead, who recently purchased vCore. Ahead is a spectacular customer of AWS and Azure and still looking for further growth with the cloud providers. Check our full story to learn more and what the CEO of Ahead said about all this.

The UK government unveiled plans for nationwide digital identification to match physical ones. The digital identification services are not going to replace physical copies, and citizens have the option to use any or both. Steps will be taken appropriately to make the identification service easy and secure. Over 180,000 fraud cases were flagged in the UK just in 2020. To tackle these threats, it is a much-welcomed project. A new government body is created to handle the task properly.

Quantum computing is fascinating, and today it is not limited to movies and cartoons. We have working prototypes of quantum computers that shines a light on the future of quantum computing. But along with hope, it may pose a risk to the security we have today. Our trust remains in encryption, authentication and strong passcodes so that data does not fall into the wrong hands. As quantum computing can execute millions of data faster, these security protocols may be outdated soon. The US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is given the task to develop a framework for the early stage of quantum computing in cyber security.

Finally, we have a story regarding industry alliance, which may help Zero Trust in zero-trust network protocol. In this story, we explained zero-trust, how it works, the basis of it, and its fundamentals. Read the full report to learn more about how the tech industry alliance takes advantage of zero-trust network protocol.

Stay tuned for another session of Tech News Hub: WEEKLY NEWS ROUNDUP.


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