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Welcome to another weekly session of Tech News Hub: This week we’ve covered stories from around the globe. From Twitter adopting the "poison pill" to Musk FHD Beta rolling through the stop signs. The Twitter board took legal action against its largest shareholder, Elon Musk. On the other side, North Korean hackers found linked to a $600 million crypto heist. Let's briefly go through what we featured this week.

Starting with "Tech private equity firm Thoma Bravo invested $7 billion in identity access management." Thoma Bravo is one of the most renowned private equity firms with $35 billion in investor commitments. The company purchased SailPoint Identity Access & Management (IAM) service provider SailPoint for $6.9 billion.

CAGR is accelerating, and it went from 16.67 per cent from 2021 to 2022. The Texas-based IAM purchase enforces the company into the best usability of endpoint and AI, among many others. SailPoint IAM limits network access to the vast resources collected by organisations. Check out the full story to learn more.

"Google DeepMind and AWS backing up Eastern Europe's AI talent" is our title for the second story. Even though all sides of the European Union are pretty advanced in tech, the Eastern side is not as notorious as the West. A pure talent raiser has been made for future tech leaders, programmers, and experts backed up by the largest tech firms. Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology (ISNAIT) is located in Sofia's Bulgarian capital.

ISNAIT is partnered with Switzerland's ETH Zurich and EPFL. At the moment, Google, DeepMind and AWS are pouring millions of dollars into the research institute where it is proper for innovation. Tech talent is rising but not as much as expected. The research centre and its long-term goal will ensure the king's share remains active in the next-generation digital community.

Our third story features "Kaseya acquiring Datto gave out fascinating insights for MSPs." The acquisition was a $6.2 billion deal that will partake in accelerating cybersecurity industry M&A. We may have seen the very best service offered by reupdated vendors. Still, the Kaseya-Datto partnership is something on a whole different level. Voccola said they were excited about what lay in front of them.

Data management services are crucial sectors for disaster recovery and backup. But often lives underneath the attention of service providers. But at Tech News Hub, our promise remains the same. It is to uphold good customer service and publish stories that matter. In this one, we made a list of the top 5 data management vendors MSPs might suggest. We highlighted exciting characteristics that should make a choice easier for decision-makers.

Our fifth story featured "The skills gap in digital workforce has a multibillion-euro gap: Google's "Bridging the Gap" report on SME." The pandemic pushed SMEs, SMBs, and organisations to extend online services, and many started leveraging their full potential. On the contrary, the workforce remains in the shadow of the non-technical sector. Google tasked Amárach to research "Bridging the Gap." The research had fascinating information about the Irish SMEs. It was done on 1,000 SMEs, where the performance gap, competence gap, investment gap and advisory gap were highlighted. According to the paper, we also highlighted the amount and time required to digitalise the maximum workforce. Check the whole story to learn more.

"Telsa FHD Beta facing questions: Does it drive like a human or a robot?" is an exciting story where drivers reported the autonomous vehicles are rolling through the stop sign. In some states, it is illegal, but how do AI robots manage to think they can pass by doing so? Elon Musk said, "Tesla AI might play a role in AGI in a recent Tweet. It trains against the outside world, especially with the advent of Optimus." New updates may fix it, but researchers are worried about pedestrians who did not opt-in to the "beta testing" for FHD.

The closing story of the week featured "Twitter shares fluctuated as Musk wanted to buy the company and abandoned invitation to join the board." Parag Agarwal, CEO of Twitter, said, "There will be distractions ahead, but our goals and priorities remain unchanged." He confirmed that Musk is the most prominent Twitter shareholder, and the company will remain open to his input.

SEC filing reported that it represented a 54% premium over the closing price of the Common Stock on January 28, 2022, the trading day before the Reporting Person began investing in the Issuer. A 38% premium over the closing price of the Common Stock on April 1, 2022, the trading day before the Reporting Person's investment in the Issuer, was publicly announced.

Elon Musk declined to sit on the board after the official confirmation from Twitter's CEO to be the biggest public shareholder. Musk plans to buy the whole company and make it a platform for "free-speech."

We are putting the ending remark here. Stay tuned for another Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup.


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