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We welcome you to the newest Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup session. It is a place where we segment our weekly highlights for your attention. As usual, we had exciting news this week. In recent news, we saw RISC V CEO seeking out "world domination" with technology and China planning to toss foreign-made computers from government agencies. Let's go through the briefing of our weekly coverage.

We start with the UK clamping down "predatory practices" on big techs like Facebook and Google. The large organisation mustn't keep every type of opportunity to themselves only, but a level playing field is there. The government of the UK set up a new Digital Markets Unit (DMU) that will oversee big tech and make sure they maintain a "level" playing field. More on our main story.

Our second story covered MSP cloud adoption challenges. As cloud connectivity is a must for data backup and keeping an online presence, MSPs ensure they are doing their part correctly to serve customers. The MSP partnership program will bring together private-public cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud in a close quarter work ethic to better serve customers and efficient internal workflow. GCP and Azure are in the talks. Other cloud partners will also be considered to bring out the best features. Not only does it make customer business integration healthier but also easier for MSPs.

The third story of the week talked about a Billionaire investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffets reported on why it is risky to invest in cryptocurrency. He answered questions about why we mustn't have faith in cryptocurrency. Many of us believe in different ideas, whereas decision-makers and big investors can see through the future and recommend what will be the best for us. Take a look at the main story to learn about Warren Buffet's talk on crypto volatility.

In other news, Amazon Web Services (AWS) tops Microsoft Azure by getting a contract from NSA. The agreement will put over $10 billion to AWSs bank, a great addition to the revenue sheet. This week cloud technologies are getting buffed everywhere; as we've seen, MSPs create new formations to serve private-public and multi-hybrid clouds. In addition, the new AWS contract tells us how MSPs can achieve your business to gain excellent results. Partnering with top cloud providers gives customers, and IT partners efficient subscription options.

Our fifth story covered quantum tunnelling memory-boosting AI efficiency news, where we talked about cutting-edge tech. Machine learning (ML) takes in high-performance GPU core and algorithms to perform calculations on the fly. Electrical and Systems Engineering professor Shantanu Chakrabartty and two of his colleagues at Washington University in St Louis, USA, authored a nature paper that declared these actions are responsible for CO2 emissions. As organisations take action to protect the climate, the research paper puts up new stats.

Our sixth story comes as a $1.2 billion in fraud by simple business strategies. Top firm Cisco revealed that their partners are also involved in the matter. Illegitimate marketing persons are clustering the products and serving those again with replica credentials. So, only the Cisco team can't fix this issue. Customers must also be more careful than before while trashing the broken gears.

Our final story shared that standby mode in our devices also consumes a ton of energy, responsible for energy waste. Despite various gossip, we must conclude that the gadgets do not consume the same power as those we use. But there is an exception. Older devices are more likely to consume more energy while on standby mode. Learn more from our full story.

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