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This Week at Tech News Hub was filled with the latest news around tech, cybersecurity, and the financial market going under tremendous change. The IT market is prone to visual and statistical changes as cloud integration, acquisition, and strategies evolve. At Tech News Hub, we bring news mattering most in the sector.

While the Russia Ukraine conflict continues in cyberspace, Elon Musk's $44 billion Twitter deal is on hold. It plummeted the stock price. In other news, Apple lost its position from being the most valuable company to Saudi Arabian oil and gas (O&G) producer Aramco. Let's go through the summaries of our weekly segment.

Anyone a bit familiar with crypto is both surprised and shocked to find all sorts of virtual currencies lost more than half of their actual value. Luna, another Terra-based crypto, lost more than 99 per cent of its value. The crypto market is volatile, and while many suggest that it is the right time to buy, a lot have lost their hope. Even Uber is afraid of the recent downfall. Check out our main story to learn more.

The US government granted a $15 million reward for information regarding Conti Gang's whereabouts and its leader in our cyberspace coverage. Conti gang is behind numerous ransomware attacks that crushed cyber ethics in 2020. LockBit 2.0 and Conti were responsible for 69 per cent of the ransomware attacks in the earlier days. As the cyberspace crackdown is getting serious attention from the cyber defence sector and government bodies, the Conti gang whistleblower will be rewarded by the US federal government. This is not the first time the US government is putting up rewards for cyber criminals' whistleblowers, as the REvil gang's information is not yet received.

Cyber scams target holiday shoppers, with around 7 billion tracked by the FBI. Head of threat intelligence Tessian Paul Laudanski talked about the cybercrime companies in 2021 and how it compares to the time today.

The IC3 report addressed that "Though internet criminals use different tools to attack with ransomware, the three highest tools for victimising with ransomware would be phishing emails, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) exploitation, and software vulnerabilities exploitation."

In other news, the semiconductor production has stepped forward in recent years, and a rough estimation says it is enriched by 26% more than previous. Although, the lockdown phase in China significantly impacts the chip manufacturers. Some unfortunate manufacturers lost their sales due to that phase, such as the renowned Texas Instruments. ST Microelectronics is also enduring a similar stage. Infineon made a big debut in the semiconductor industry, consequently banking twice the profit. Check our main story to learn more.

Our fifth story is targeted toward startup and SMB decision-makers in IT. Bettering a marketing plan is crucial to surviving in the competitive world. When you plan to establish a business, you need to ensure a proper marketing plan to generate revenue as early as possible. Here are the following that you can keep in mind to create an effective marketing policy. Also, we talked briefly about the four key components; social media, SEO & mobile optimising websites, product portfolio update, and influencer marketing.

Microsoft cybersecurity services are helping clients prevent ransomware. It was our sixth covering at Tech News Hub. Most popular computing operating system updated their key components, such as the Defender, Security Services for Enterprise, Defender Experts for XDR, etc. As the risks increase at a very rapid rate, it is imperative to take precautions. Every type of tech company is now placing a greater emphasis on security than ever before. Google, one of Microsoft's top cloud competitors, is also looking to expand in the field. Google said in March that it would acquire Mandiant for $5.4 billion.

Our final story is regarding five ways to optimise data collection. B2B marketing is gaining more and more digital interactions between buyers and sellers in the education and jobs sector. According to Gartner, nearly 80% of B2B interconnection between buyers and sellers will be digital interactions by 2025. Our key components will help you choose the proper subjects to handle data collection in various ways.

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