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This week, the technology and financial market went through some of the biggest yearly changes. Currently, the world's largest eCommerce Amazon, is going through an investor proposal as their motive for lesser plastic use came at a cost. On the other hand, Binance plans to enter the European market and Italy's regulator issue around crypto.

In other news, Twitter was fined $150 million in the US for selling user data. Amidst the $60 billion crypto collapse, new projects are launched to tackle user's finance. Many lost trust in some of the most stable coins, whereas experts say it will go down further.

Let's go through the weekly roundup and learn what we have covered. Gartner has created a Magic Quadrant service for Oracle Cloud Applications, where 19 companies have joined the quadrants. The quadrants are divided into leaders, Visionaries, Challengers, and Niche Players. All quadrants have their responsibilities, and they are working on them accordingly. Because of the Magic Quadrant, Oracle Cloud Applications are gaining considerable growth in sales. Oracle Infrastructure benefits from the project, but the companies are also sweeping billions of US dollars from it. Last year the companies made 15.4 billion US dollars from the Oracle Cloud sales and were estimated to gain 12.5 billion US dollars annually.

The popularity of SharePoint has grown so much in the past few years despite its launching in 2001. The reason is pretty apparent: the coronavirus. People were working from home and studying from home. And they need to share and organise their data on a platform. SharePoint was the most suitable platform for this occasion. And what we needed to do was to capitalise on its growing popularity. We could do that by utilising the cloud-to-cloud functionality, using a Network Attached Storage, getting a higher value rate for organising the data in SharePoint, and many more.

Recently, the world has been transforming rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many GSP companies increase their earnings and revenue drastically, just like CI&T did. They only had a shared branch in New York City, and from there, they got a total of $60.1 million.

The founder and CEO of CI&T, Bruno Guicardi, believes their acquisition revenue isn't as crucial as their organic revenue, and the company is proving his every word. The way this company is proceeding now, it will be worthy enough to compete with companies like EMACO, IBM, and GSP logistics in no time.

The vulnerabilities in VMware software are becoming a headache for the CISA and the Federal government for a while. The vulnerabilities pose a significant threat to the US government. Anytime, a malicious hacker could infiltrate the system and expose all of the clients' data using the VMware software. The CISA is pushing VMware authorities to patch up their software. Not all of the software poses a threat to them.

It's just five of them. And patching that five software wouldn't be a big deal for them. However, they didn't patch them until the Feds gave them a proper warning. And some bad actors have already capitalised on the unpatched versions for their advantage. The CISA is doubtful whether VMware is aware of the whole situation beforehand or not.

The purpose of hiring algorithms is to assist human resources hiring managers. Most hiring or talent acquisition algorithms learn in a supervised or unsupervised manner. Algorithms can penalise applicants for having a name that sounds African-American, mentioning a college for women, and even submitting their resumes using particular file formats.

Feds Warn Employers Against Discrimination in employment Hiring Algorithms. New laws and regulations are attempting to limit the rapidly expanding but often opaque use of artificial intelligence to find and hire new employees. In 2020 and 2021, the Federal Trade Commission will issue guidance on how businesses may use algorithms.

Over 19.3 million UK homes finally come under the gigabit internet. This represents 66% of UK dwellings, up from 13.7 million in December 2021. According to Ofcom, Virgin Media O2, which rendered its whole network gigabit-capable in December, contributed significantly to the growth. 96% of individuals have access to superfast internet, defined as download speeds over 30 Mbps.

The UK government has obtained complete countrywide coverage by 2030, later than the 2025 deadline declared in the Conservative platform before the 2019 General Election. Furthermore, just £1.2 billion of the projected £5 billion will be provided during this Parliament.

Our final article covered the UK Government Seeking views to bolster national data security. Cloud platforms, an essential part of today's data infrastructure, make it possible for remote, sharable computing services to be easily accessible via the internet.

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport will evaluate the evidence and determine whether or not the data storage and processing infrastructure require any additional government support or management to minimise the risks currently being faced. The UK government asked for help strengthening its data infrastructure. The consultation period will last for eight weeks, ending at midnight on July 24th, after which the government will issue a response.

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