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Welcome to another week of our Weekly News Round. Firstly our feature on the Future of Machine Leaning (AI). Machine Learning is the process of letting the computer become smarter by using inputs. User inputs or mass collected datasets are trained in such a way that the computer can relate to them. Machines can do so many simultaneous tasks in a glimpse that takes humans days or months.

Our second story, Healthcare is the Most Targeted Industry by Ransomware: Here is Why and What Can be Done About It. Ransomware attacks on the healthcare sector is still a major problem in 2022, with ransomware attacks happening every 11 seconds. That is almost four times faster than in 2016 when attacks were happening every 40 seconds.

In our third story, we discussed Coding to a better life: Learning the skill for potential growth.

For many people, learning to code was one of the best decisions in their life. Hanna Blair is a great example. She attended an all-girls school where IT was available. But for boys, there is full-fledged computer science.

The forth story featured Space Exploration and other future industries. A decade ago most people were still grappling with the concept of Artificial intelligence. Machines that can think and act like humans! Unbelievable. Well, the technology is no longer science fiction and it’s implications on our current economy have been tremendous. Businesses that have embraced it are thriving.

We then posted an article on Protection against Cyberbullies: New Scams for 2022. We all are somewhat familiar with cyber-attacks. They come in various methods and do different types of damages in accordance with the situation. We have seen many account hacks, credit card frauds, and phishing sites, email spoofing, webpage injection and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have fallen a victim to some of these or at least know someone who did. Well, we are not done yet. 2022 has stored more surprises for us.

Next we wrote about Law Firms Embracing Technology. Technology is surprisingly evolving the way lawyers practice it. The clever lawyers will make full use of new technology, while the ones that resist will simply be out in the dark. Simon Law Group is a perfect example of a company that has welcomed all that technology has to offer. As a 40 years old, co-founder with a twin brother Robert and Brad Simon are the longest standing members of their office. Maybe that is why technology has been ingrained in their processes from the start. They're young, but enthusiastic team, has suddenly become one of California's top personal injury practices.

Our last story featured Managed Service Provider services in short MSPs are IT solutions to businesses. Not every company can afford a separate IT department. Or they think of the financial benefits to gain by working with an MSP. Tech News Pro already has some clear-cut stories on which MSPs should businesses look into. In this one, we are solely targeting the technologies being used by these MSPs and the newer techs that will help businesses to become more digital.

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