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Starting with Vodafone sending a legal notice to the UK government, they chose Fujitsu as a network partner. None met minimum requirements to work with UK embassies and British Council. The Echo 2 tender lets communication networks work closely with the government and provides the opportunity to improve the network connection with over 170 countries. The current networking solution of 523 UK embassies and the British Council lacks today's infrastructure. The tender was given to make the network secure and upgrade to newer or more reliable versions. Though Fujitsu did not meet the threshold, they were given the tender anyway because Vodafone scored lower. A legal notice is sent to the Judge for another opportunity.

In another news, we talked about court filings against Amazon's top executives, including former CEO Jeff Bezos. Under Jassy's command and agreement, the board allowed unethical ways to rank and promote products in front of customers. Businesses working with Amazon pay a large chunk of money to get ranking on their service, and Amazon is using the same data, specific keywords to bring in-house products ahead of those. Former Amazon employee revealed related information.

According to the US government and the Department of Treasury, $590 million has been taken by ransomware attackers, and most of them used digital currencies. Three new rules have been passed to stop untraced financial transactions with digital currency.

We shared Facebook's promise to create 10,000 high-value jobs in the EU within the next five years on another news. These positions will be for engineers, architects, software developers and such. The social media giant has undergone multiple class-action lawsuits, and to reply with this kind of response seems quite like they are trying to cover its tracks. But the company is more focused than ever to create virtual reality and augmented reality more affordable and accessible to customers. These programs will be mainly used to give personalised experiences in meetings, creating a virtual shape of people with the help of VR and AR.

In the Tech News Hub business section, we talked about proprietary business management solutions and strategy execution. Last year, the global Strategy execution management software had a market value of $1.8 billion and was expected to reach $4.78 billion within 2027. This part of the business was ignored quite a bit, but gradually companies are picking up the trend on the matter and trying their best to adapt with strategy execution.

On our software side of stories, we talked about GitLab being worth more than Microsoft's GitHub. Git is a common space for developers and software developing companies to push, pull, update, and deploy code. The programs on GitLab are supported by thousands of individual developers, making free software for everyone else, while the other is being monetised by big tech. GitLab has large brands as customers and causes GitLab to serve with open-source programs, and their profit margin is ten times higher.

Finalising our weekly roundup with Intel CTO Greg Lavender having a meeting, giving company insights. Greg talked about how software's are the key to future tech, and the company is prioritising more software development. He also spoke about how healthy competition is vital for business, mentioning AMD. Along with next-gen CPU chips hitting the market with new tech. AI, ML and cloud computing is prioritised along with their laptop computers that boggle down with bloatware. Customers pay for their device and should get 100% usage out of it. Greg also told us about the ecosystem at Intel and how the new business model, new software technology, and AI are working, pacing to work together for creating more exciting stuff.

Stay tuned for another segment of Tech News Hub weekly roundup.


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