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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. Firstly we took a look at the other side of the Russia vs Ukraine war that doesn’t involve missiles and guns but rather code and computers. Both nations recognise the role of technology in winning the war and as, a result, there have been numerous back and forth cyberattacks by both states as they try to weaken their opponents.

Secondly, if you thought you are the only one suffering from the ongoing heatwave, I have news for you. IT systems are also crumbling. It’s not business as usual at the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust. This is after extreme temperatures recorded on Tuesday overheated their data centre. Medics cannot access or add patient information to the systems forcing them to manually write down patient notes and diagnoses.

In our third article, we talk about a new form of phishing being used by hackers. Threat actors are always coming up with new methods to target unsuspecting victims and the latest one involves Google Ads. You would think that the Google malware detection tools will flag down the malicious ads but it seems the threat actors are one step ahead.

Moving away from the unending anarchy in the cybersecurity space, IT service providers have reason to be excited as a new report talks about a new and untapped £84 billion opportunity. The report estimates that the accelerated digital migration brought about by the pandemic will see mid-market companies seeking the services of external IT service providers largely due to inadequacy in their in-house IT departments.

Unfortunately, not every industry is booming. Companies in the consumer tech industry are facing hard times as the economic slump forces consumers to re-evaluate how they spend their money. Seagate’s share price is in the red zone following projections by the company that indicate a decrease in revenue in their next fiscal year that started in early July. Other companies have also had to halt or minimise hiring to cope with the bad times.

In our sixth article, we talk about Google Cloud’s planned data region in Mexico. The cloud company announced plans to establish a data centre in the Latin American region as part of a bigger project that will see the company invest in four major areas in the region. Google will become the last of the 3 major cloud service providers to announce plans to build a data centre in Mexico.

In case you are wondering about the best city in the UK in matters relating to AI, we discuss that in our 7th article. Cambridge has dethroned Oxford to become the most AI-friendly state in the UK. The city has numerous job opportunities for AI experts and is an ideal location for startups boasting a 43% five-year business growth rate.


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