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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week.

We started the week with new announcement of a new multi channel educational programme on TikTok. It is set to be a six- weeks email based course which is meant to pivot Small and Medium Business to have stronger influence on the Social Media Platform. The Follow Me Programme is set to offer different learning models centred on customer growth.

As Cyber Security Providers continue to strengthen their channel network, Kapersky appoint new territory managers in Ireland and UK. Kapersky drives to further the growth and opportunities in the region. Veteran Stuart Peters was appointed as the New region manager from His previous role of which he was an enterprise channel leader. He spoke of his commitment to leverage his best intelligence to ensure a harmless cyber space for all users.

We also discussed about the challenge some high tech provider are facing to shorten the gap to change methods of identifying and appealing customers to recover the odds of generating a good business. It has been established that the buying dynamics have changed and customers find it tasking and challenging to buy IT hardware with the prevailing High Degree of Regrets Over IT Hardware Purchases.

Apple CEO has also supported the all-inclusive federal privacy legislation in the US which gives users the full access over the data across organisations. also stands in support for the legislation of US Wide Privacy which American citizens are given the extra control of their private data and dissuades data brokers in selling out users information.

There have been reported database breach which a site attacker stole over a billion citizens record from a Shanghai police database in China. Chinese Authorities have called in Alibaba executives over data breach which was put on Alibaba’s Cloud Platform.

Next, we wrote about the cloud giant Oracle which plans to introduce new regions to their platform as countries are engaging more requirements on data within their borders. The Cloud Giant is set to launch its new cloud regions in the EU. The new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will limit customer support responsibilities and operations to residents.

Our last story discussed about the looming legal war as Elon Musk backs out of $44 billion Twitter deal. It has been established by credible sources that Twitter failed to reach the requests for information relating to the occurrence of fake bots, users and spam accounts on the platform. Although Twitter is determined to push through the transaction on its original terms.

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