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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week.

Just the other day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was visiting Taiwan and there was no shortage of drama as China interpreted the visit as an act of rebellion from the island country. On the day before Pelosi’s arrival, multiple Taiwan government websites were targeted with DDoS attacks. We talk all about that in our first article.

And as it turns out, Taiwan is not the only country in a complicated relationship with China. The UK parliament had to close its TikTok account merely a week after opening it due to China’s surveillance fears. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance is Chinese owned and a section of MPs was worried that they could hand over sensitive user data to the Chinese government.

In unrelated news, Intel is being quite bullish, as it continues its expansion into Europe. The chip manufacturing giant is reportedly close to signing a $5 billion deal with the Italian government to establish a semi-conductor plant in the country. This follows earlier news that the company would be building a manufacturing mega-fab at a site in Magdeburg in eastern Germany worth about $17.4 billion.

In other top news, Microsoft cloud users will be excited to hear that the company has extended the lifespan of its servers from four years to six years. The company now has equipment with the highest usable life among the 3 major cloud providers.

Still on cloud, global cloud adoption doesn’t seem to be slowing down and recent reports estimate that the total global spending on cloud infrastructure is going to hit $90 billion in 2022. In our other top article, we break down the report to determine exactly which areas businesses are investing in and why $90 billion by the end of the year is a realistic estimate.

Next we talk about the most recent development in the cyber exploration industry. NASA has been financing the development of an autonomous robot surgeon that it will be taking to the international space station in 2024. How effective is the robot and what does NASA hope to accomplish with it? Find out more in our article.

Cloud infrastructure is not the only sector expected to make massive gains this year. In our last top story, Fortune Business Insights has predicted that the Energy as a Service (EaaS) market is going to reach $147 billion by 2029. The market has already spiked by 11.1 percent from last year. In our other top article, we talk more about the story including the biggest benefactors of the development.


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