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This week's best stories are highlighted in our weekly news roundup. A Chinese rocket's debris had an uncontrolled descent into the atmosphere and impacted the ocean next to Malaysia. The debris came from a Long March 5B rocket that was supposed to launch on July 24 to build China's new space station. The uncontrolled return of the Beijing rocket onto the earth alarmed NASA.

Only aggressive and determined executives may be able to preserve their companies' growth status. Google CEO Sunday Pichai announced the need to establish a new project to boost worker productivity. Simplicity Sprint aims to do that. They must develop a culture that is customer-focused, product-focused, and mission-focused.

We talked. The largest streaming platform is concerned about its rivals catching up. Netflix has had a difficult year. The streaming service experienced its first dip in more than ten years in the first quarter of 2022 when it lost 200,000 customers. Concerns about declining video streaming have been voiced due to the company's issues.

Tiktok and Apple have survived the economic downturn hitting many internet companies. The earnings season was dominated by two companies that posed an existential threat to their competitors. Big IT companies have a never-ending fixation on TikTok and Apple's dominance of Wall Street. The largest figures were supported by Apple and Tiktok above the other IT Companies. These outcomes can be linked to their expanding significance in the technological world. In just five years, Tiktok has amassed one billion users, far surpassing any other app, including Instagram and Facebook, which took eight years to reach the same milestone.

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox might all support Apple Pay. Apple Pay will work on making iOS 16 compatible with Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. Contributor Steve Moser found that Apple Pay worked on iOS 16 beta 4 with Edge and Chrome and tweeted about his finding.

Next, we discussed why the Indonesian government had blocked access to Epic Games, PayPal and Steam. The government's database requires "Private Electronic System Providers" to register to conduct business there; failure to do so will result in a national ban. Businesses had until July 27 to comply; if they hadn't, Indonesia later barred them.

Our last article discussed how a Slack bug revealed certain users' hashed passwords for five years. Anyone who shared an invite link was at risk of having their Slack account compromised by this error, exposing their password to anyone actively observing encrypted network traffic from Slack's servers. The company investigated the problem and found that it had been going on between April 17, 2017, and July 17, 2022, for more than five years.

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