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Welcome to our Weekly news roundup where we highlight the top stories of the week.

To begin with, the future of tech in the UK looks bright as reports show that computer science is the fastest growing degree subject in the study. Women have also stepped up with figures from the report showing a significant increase in the number of women that have been accepted to pursue a computing degree since 2019.

In another top story, Sharp announced a new partnership with the UK business finance platform, FundOnion in a move that will see the multinational corporation expand its presence in the UK. The corporation is hoping to leverage FundOnion’s established presence in the UK market to add new customers to its pipeline.

And switching to cybersecurity, two researchers from Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) are worried that countries in the ‘global south’ region lack the proper skill and resources to counter new and existing cyber incidences that threaten the political and economic stability of these nations. Check out the story to learn more about the crisis and proposed solutions by the researchers.

Still on cybersecurity, Twilio was a victim of a major phishing attack and Signal has confirmed that 1900 of its users were compromised in the attack. The company has called upon all signal users to take advantage of an existing feature on their app to protect their accounts from being re-registered by hackers on different devices.

TikTok also made headlines this week following its deal with Oracle which will see the social media company hand over all its US user data to the cloud giants for governance. The move orchestrated by Trump while he was still in power aims to protect the privacy of US users on TikTok. TikTok is a Chinese-owned company and different governments have raised concerns about the app sharing sensitive information with the Chinese government.

In another top story, Alphabet is now the single biggest investor in blockchain technology after the conglomerate pumped $1.5 billion into four blockchain-related companies in a span of one year. The investment announcement comes just a few months after Google Cloud confirmed plans to create a dedicated Web3 team that will help customers looking to launch products around the blockchain, including NFTs and cryptocurrency.

And in our last big headline story, Samsung is ready to compete with other major players in the semiconductor industry after it announced plans to build a $15 billion research centre in South Korea. The company hopes to complete the project by 2028. These news have come just a few weeks after Samsung announced that it would be building 11 semiconductor plants in Texas worth $191 billion.

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