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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our week's top stories.

In our biggest story of the week, ransomware gang REvil has resurfaced after vanishing online for months. The gang was forced to shut down after a series of crackdowns by law enforcement but they are back and are claiming to have infiltrated the systems of the multi-billion dollar manufacturing giant, Midea Group.

In more bad news for experts in cybersecurity, a new report shows that attacks on Linux-based systems are going to triple in the coming years.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are not prepared. As you will see in our third top story of the week, many businesses lack the proper IT security infrastructure to fight new threats. The good news is that businesses are willing to take steps to remedy that. This is according to a security report published by cloud RMM provider, Action1. Guess who stands to benefit the most? MSPs. The report notes that the unpreparedness of most businesses to deal with new threats and the increased cases of attacks are making businesses consider using a managed service provider.

The bad news is that businesses have become more selective about who they work with which means MSPs need to up their game to remain relevant. Probably the reason why a lot of service providers are beginning to adopt Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions. In our other top story, we share some expert advice on the benefits of using PSA for MSPs.

And while we are still on MSPs and Automation, automation software startup, Rewst has secured $4M in venture capital funding and is planning to expand its Robotic Operations Center (ROC) using the investment. Forecasts show that the MSP automation software market is going to grow exponentially in the coming years. The RPA global market alone is projected to hit $10.7 billion by 2027.

The MSP Summit and Channel Partners Leadership Summit is going down in Orlando in about two weeks and it’s going to be unlike any ever before. For the first time, it’s going to feature a women's leadership summit thanks to collaborative efforts between the Alliance of Channel Women (ACW) and Channel Futures. More details about the event in the full story.

In our last story of the week, we take a look at Electric’s newly launched referral program.

The company which is known for making IT infrastructure software for SMBs is targeting SMBs with 10-500 employees with this program. Partners in the program will receive payouts as well as discounts that they can pass on to their customers.

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