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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week.

We started the week in Cybersecurity highlighting specific guidelines and regulations to assist shops, accommodation establishments and utility services in preventing both themselves and their clients against the consequences of cybercrime were given by the NCSC. The released cyber regulations are targeted particularly for businesses with an online presence.

Next we ran with a story regarding a tool Automating Mundane Works in Windows 11 which has been easy to use over the years. It has been proven that hackers can use Microsoft's Power Automate to carry out ransomware attacks if they first gain access to the computer. The attack is focused solely on Microsoft’s Power Automate which is an automation tool built in windows 11.

We also further discussed about the Neptune planet which is the ninth planet is located farther away from the Sun than Earth.It is also distant from the dark region of the outer solar system. An image of Neptune which was captured by The James Webb Space Telescope which happens to be the clearest view of the distant planet's rings after 30 years.

Next, we wrote about the lawtech companies from the UK who are in Singapore to look for potential opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. They are to work on a variety of projects, such as deep tech, cybersecurity, lawtech, and driverless cars. The first trade deal in the world with specific provisions on lawtech is the UK-Singapore Digital Economy Agreement.

There have been a prolonging issue of predatory loan apps in India which have taken advantage of helpless people, tricking them into signing up for quick, paperless loans that will incur more debt for them. The first inclusion of these loan apps by Google has drawn criticism in India. Google has promised to provide more stringent regulations to be put in place to prevent the spread of mistrust that some bad apples are producing in the industry.

In the world of Cybersecurity, several businesses have claim to have noticed an increase in cyberattacks in recent months. More specifically, eight attacks each year on average have occurred against American companies throughout that time. Businesses rely on MSPs to provide access to the most recent technological advancements and solutions, cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and technical experience.

Our last story discussed about Strategies for Recruiting MSP Talent. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have been employing a variety of strategies to hire top talent for years, whether they are using tech recruiters or setting up internal recruiting teams. MSPs must be clever and forward-thinking in their hiring practices given the digital transition and the always-evolving tech ecosystem.

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