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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. To begin with, It’s not been a good past week for US big tech after $800 billion was wiped off their market value. Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Meta accounted for almost half of that dip. However, there was one company that reported record revenue and profits against all odds.

In our next story, Medibank revealed the full extent of a recent breach on their systems and things are not looking good. The company says the personal information of all its 3.9 million customers was exposed and recovering will cost them up to $35 million.

Talking of breaches, if you are using AnyConnect Windows client then you need to make sure you have updated to the latest release of the software. Cisco has issued a fresh warning of hackers targeting two vulnerabilities in old versions of the software to gain unauthorised access to systems.

In other news, the UK recently awarded Fujitsu a $60 million contract amid calls from a section of politicians to end all local deals with the company. Fujitsu is being probed on its role in the post office horizon scandal.

The use of AI in the creation of weapons continues to be a hot topic but that has not prevented AI-driven military advancements. In the latest development, American aerospace arms and defence firm Lockheed Martin announced that it will begin using the Red Hat Device Edge to add advanced capabilities to the existing US military platforms. For demonstration purposes, Lockheed Martin used Red Hat Device Edge on their Stalker drone to show how it adapted in real time to a threat environment by leveraging AI-powered computer vision.

Good news for MSPs. NetApp has announced plans to launch a new and better partner program to replace its existing Unified partner program. Find out all the details in our other top story.

Finally, HP has stepped up to take advantage of the increased adoption of hybrid work by rolling out an enhanced version of its Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering. You will find everything you need to know about the new offering in our article.

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