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Welcome to our weekly tech news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. The global economy is on a lifeline with many countries on the verge of recession while others are already deep into it. Oil prices are already on the roof and experts fear that it’s just the beginning. In our top story, Gartner has warned CIOs in Europe to brace themselves for a hike in tech prices. While tech spending in the continent is on an upward trend, local currencies are losing value in comparison to the US dollar and this will reflect in the pricing of various tech solutions.

And in the UK, things are not looking better. The country is in the middle of its longest recession in 30 years and the government has been forced to re-evaluate its spending. A lot of projects are being re-evaluated and reports indicate that the government is reconsidering its decision to invest in the Sizewell C nuclear power plant. And in the UK's budget, it has finally been announced that the project will now go through.

But it’s not just Europe that’s in an economic crisis. Things have gone from bad to worse for US tech companies as major companies continue to lay off employees in big numbers in an attempt to stay profitable. Salesforce is the latest company to join the list.

Moving away from economic bleakness, Cisco has announced plans to begin offering duo passwordless authentication for single sign on (SSO) applications. The move, it says, is aimed at simplifying implementation of duo passwordless and lowering the cost for customers.

Still on cybersecurity, the National Security Agency, in a new security advisory, is calling for the phasing out of programming languages like C and C++ in favour of memory safe languages like RUST, GO, and C#. Find more about it in our other top story.

And now moving on to MSPs, Acronis is looking to stand out from its competitors by adding security services automation and updating its RMM solution. These new upgrades will be included in its Cyber Protect Cloud offering. All the details in our article.

And finally, ConnectWise has announced three major additions to its RMM platform in a move that will transform the traditional remorse monitoring and management solution into a “unified monitoring and management” (UMM) platform that offers integrated, automated support for a wide range of hardware devices. The VP and the general manager of UMM at ConnectWise said that the company’s vision is to be the single source of truth.

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