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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories for the week.

To begin with, the four major cloud providers in the US have a reason to smile after they entered into an agreement with Pentagon for a $9 billion project. The contract had initially been awarded to Microsoft alone.

Moving on, the Australian government has laid out an ambitious plan to become the most cyber-secure country by 2030. The country is still recovering from the two biggest cyber incidences in its history which have served as a wake-up call.

In other good news, Google together with Microsoft have successfully identified and patched the zero-day vulnerability on Internet Explorer that North Korean state hackers had been using to target South Korean journalists, human rights activists and North Korean defectors.

In other top news, a new report shows that UK recruiters are increasingly looking out of the country for new talent. A section of those polled said it was to cover for talent shortage in the UK while others say it was to promote diversity in the workplace.

Google Ad Manager was down for 3 hours last week leading to multiple businesses in the US and Japan losing their ad revenue. About 90% of businesses in the US rely on the platform to boost their business revenue.

Moving on to MSPs, Veeam has appointed a new VP for its channel partner program. The data security appointed industry veteran Larissa Crandall and will be hoping she can replicate her success at her former job at Gigamon.

Lastly, for MSP owners looking for fresh ideas to grow their businesses in 2023, the ASCII Edge event scheduled to begin in February next year is a great opportunity. The event will feature keynote speeches from industry experts including Blake Lemoine who made headlines after claiming an AI chatbot had become sentient.

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