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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. The week started off with the growing pressure on TikTok which has come from states led by Republican governors, who have highlighted fears that the personal data of TikTok users could end up in the hands of Chinese government with the help of the country's national security laws. TikTok said it will work with the US government to resolve any reasonable national security concerns. Tiktok has also taken steps to separate US user data from other of its business.

Cybersecurity news as OSV- Scanner Tool launched by Google to Identify any open source vulnerability. The OSV Scanner which is a scanner designed to provide easy access to vulnerable data for various projects. The OSV scanner is expected to arrive two months after Google released GUAC (Graph for Understanding Artefact Composition) .

Less than two weeks ago, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the FBI issued a joint advisory report about threats of ransomware attacks from a gang called Cuba. Microsoft was recently notified that An unknown Ransomeware group abuses Microsoft certificates to sign Malware. Cuba uses cryptographically signed "drivers" after compromising target systems as part of an effort to disable security scanning tools and modify settings.

Arguments have been made about quantum computer development and How Quantum Computing Can change our Lives in the future. Although quantum computers cannot perform most computing tasks, they have a great potential to change our lives, enable the introduction of better batteries, speed up financial calculations, make airplanes more efficient, discover new medicines and accelerate the development of artificial intelligence.

A lawsuit was filed against Facebook about instigating violence which led to an Ethiopian Professor Death. The son of an Ethiopian chemistry professor killed last year during unrest in the country has filed a lawsuit against Facebook's parent company(Meta), claiming the social media platform incites viral hatred and violence and harms people in eastern and southern Africa.

Managed services offer efficient functions at low cost without compromising quality. The two most attractive managed service offerings this year were cloud and cloud managed web services, and one of the most important trends we've seen is the desire to adopt hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities. Upcoming Technologies in which MSPs can Leverage in 2023 are Hybrid Models and Artificial Intelligence.

Our last story featured the role of training, certification and mentoring as an important task for all IT professionals. As more and more services move to the cloud, MSPs are using the same virtual collaboration tools they offer their customers so they can go back to school to improve their skills and gain new knowledge, from new foundational technologies to disruptive technologies. These trends are expected to create tremendous growth opportunities for MSPs Preparation for New year's Growth in 2023

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