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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. Last week Elon musk did a poll on Twitter asking if he should step down as head of the company. I’m not sure what he was expecting but the majority of people voted YES. Does that mean he will be resigning as the CEO? Find out in our first top story of the week.

The UK has for the longest time been the biggest tech hub in Europe. What was not clear was how the country would hold up after Brexit. Well, according to new research, the country is still on top. In fact, the UK is attracting more investment into its tech sector than France and Germany combined. Read more about that in our other story.

In our next story we talked about the future of the public cloud and things are looking up. The public cloud market is expected to surpass a $1 trillion value in three years' time.

Moving on to cybersecurity, there is a growing trend of hackers using open-source software repositories like PyPI and GitHub to spread malware. In our other top stories, researchers flagged down a malicious PyPI package disguised as legit software from SentinelOne. It’s not the first such upload on the platform.

And if you are a developer or company still using the SHA-1 cryptographic algorithm, this next piece of news is for you. NIST has announced that it plans to retire the now 27-year-old algorithm by 2030. It’s time to start migrating to the more secure SHA-2 and SHA-3 algorithms.

2022 has been the year of mergers and acquisitions. One big deal that is yet to go through is Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware. The deal has been facing opposition from competition bodies and the EU has officially launched an in-depth investigation into the deal. The commission is concerned that the acquisition will give Broadcom an unfair advantage over its competitors.

We are entering the final days of 2022 and so for our final article we thought we should do a rundown of the biggest tech stories in case you missed them. Go on and check them out.

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