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Hello and welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight the top stories of the week. ChatGPT continues to be a major talking point and in our top story of the week, Microsoft has announced that they are planning on adding the AI chatbot to the Microsoft Azure AI which recently became available to the general public. Microsoft has been a big supporter of OpenAI with the software giant making a $1 billion investment in the AI startup back in 2019.

In a past article we talked about the reduced growth in cloud adoption as users demand lower prices and this week we highlight the story of one company that has been forced to go back on-premise after spending over $3 million on cloud services in 2022.

Still, the Cloud is a big market that will only continue to grow over the years. Case in point, AWS just launched a local zone in Perth Australia, the first of its kind in the country and the Oceanic region. Plans are also underway to launch more local zones in Brisbane, on Australia’s east coast, and in Auckland, New Zealand.

Moving on to cybersecurity, Paypal has revealed that 35,000 customer accounts were compromised in December last year and personal information stolen. There is no evidence that the stolen data has been used for further attacks. The hackers relied on credential stuffing to execute the attack, yet another reminder of why we need to look past passwords for user authentication.

But there is some good news. A new report shows that the cost of ransomware attacks has gone down as more victims refuse to pay the ransom. This proves that more organisations are stepping up to the ransomware menace and setting up the right steps to avoid and recover from an attack.

In the Channel world, ServiceNow joins a list of companies that have been re-investing in their Partner programs as they try to tap into new markets. Under new leadership from Erica Volina, the company announced that it will be adding new incentives to attract more partners and empower the partners to bring in more business.

And to conclude, Canon has launched two new business centres in the UK and Ireland to follow up on the success of their business centre in Newcastle. Canon says the two hubs will provide advice and new technology solutions for print and document management in the two areas.

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