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We started the week off with how most organisations now deploy microservices-based applications on cloud-based infrastructure and connect them through APIs. Organisations manage a complex mix of hybrid and multi-cloud application architectures that can slow the pace of digital innovation and create downstream security risks. F5 Launches Infrastructure Security for Decentralised Cloud Applications.

While starting a wholesale business with a new IT infrastructure is probably unrealistic, the industry should take advantage of cloud-based tools that can integrate real-time airline data controls. Startups Want Airlines to Get Cloud-Based Tools to Avoid Tech Crashes. It was advised that Airlines should use new cloud-based tools to avoid recent damage caused by outdated and patched technology.

The important role of the browser in the modern business environment requires a reassessment of its management and protection. However, since this class of security solutions is relatively new, best practices and common evaluation criteria for browser security have not yet been established, it is important to have a The Ultimate Browser Security Checklist.

In the world of Cybersecurity, It is no longer news that clicking on ads redirects visitors to websites that appear as download portals or clones of legitimate software websites. Google's search results have become a source for malicious ads running malware as Ransomware Access Brokers Use Google Ads to Breach Your Network.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) sues Google over their Dominance on online advertising market. As part of the lawsuit, the US government demanded that Google be dissolved and the court order that the company separate, if not more, at least its online ad exchange and ad server for publishers.

Furthermore, we discussed about how last year some MSPs that moved to the cloud early and took a leadership position in their customers' cloud operations increased their market share. The benefits of digital transformation is evidently seen as more and more businesses and applications move to the cloud and Smart MSPs Work with Customers to Manage Cloud Costs.

Our last story featured How MSP-SMBs benefit from Security Spending. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a huge role in keeping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) secure around the world, and with smaller organisations investing heavily in security this year, there are many businesses poised to step up.

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