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Welcome to our weekly news insights where we highlight the hottest tech stories of the week. These are the news that made headlines. To begin with, Facebook may have to pay €1.2 billion (£1 billion) to the Ireland Data Protection Commission after it was found to be in violation of GDPR’s set guidelines on how to handle the transfer of EU customer data.

The TikTok saga continues. It started with the ban of the app on government devices by the US over security and privacy concerns. Montana then became the first state to ban the app on personal devices. TikTok has responded by suing the state.

In other news, Acronis announced the release of its AI-powered EDR tool to join a list of cybersecurity companies that are embracing the power of AI to improve their offerings. To wrap it up, Acronis has launched Barracuda SecureEdge, a SASE solution for MSPs to simplify and add more security to hybrid and remote work.

Moving on to security, a security company has revealed that millions of Android devices are shipping preinstalled with malware that gives threat actors the ability to remotely access the device.

Moving on to cloud news, Amazon AWS has announced that it will be investing $12.7 billion to expand its cloud operations in India. The south-east Asia country is becoming a hotspot for cloud providers as AI continues to boom and more businesses in the region embrace cloud computing.

Still on Cloud, Dell has partnered with Microsoft and Red Hat to expand its Apex options. We talk about all the new additions in our news article.

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