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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Trump fraud trial: Trump slams judge while Eric Trump states he did not work on financial statement

Former President Donald Trump is currently facing a $250 million lawsuit in New York, a trial with the potential to impact both his personal wealth and the vast real estate empire that played a pivotal role in his journey to the White House.

In a legal proceeding, the former president's son informed the judge that he possessed "limited knowledge" regarding the financial documents central to the case.

Accusations levied by New York Attorney General Letitia James claim that Trump, along with his sons Eric and Don Jr., and executives from the Trump Organization, were involved in a decade-long scheme marked by numerous instances of fraud and misrepresentation aimed at inflating Trump's net worth, all in an effort to secure more favorable loan terms.

This trial follows a previous ruling by the judge, which found that Trump had provided "fraudulent valuations" for his assets, leading to the ongoing proceedings to ascertain further actions and potential penalties for the defendants.

The former president has consistently denied any wrongdoing, with his legal team arguing that the inflated valuations were a result of his business keeness.

In a recent development, a New York appeals court rejected Ivanka Trump's emergency request to halt her testimony in her father's civil fraud trial. Although not a defendant in the case, she was called by the attorney general to provide her testimony, scheduled for the coming week.

Post-court proceedings, Trump's attorney Alina Habba defended Donald Trump's adult children, labeling the trial as a misuse of New York taxpayer funds. She criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James, referencing James' unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign in 2021, and characterized the trial as a "waste of time."

Exiting the courtroom separately, Eric Trump acknowledged an onlooker with a thumbs-up as he prepared for his return to the stand on Friday morning.

The day concluded with Judge Engoron issuing a warning to expand the limited order of the trial to include attorneys following a contentious exchange with defense counsel. This expansion came after the judge had previously barred defendants from making public comments about his staff in response to former President Trump's online statements about Engoron's law clerk.

The court proceedings are set to continue tomorrow morning with Eric Trump's return to the witness stand.

Eric Trump remained resolute during an exchange with state attorney Andrew Amer, reaffirming his prior testimony about his limited involvement. However, Eric Trump maintained that he primarily focuses on concrete work and property operations, not appraisals.

When questioned by Amer about the accuracy of his testimony, Eric Trump stood his ground, insisting that he had only been minimally involved in the appraisal process, despite the email evidence presented.

Donald Trump's attorney, Chris Kise, interjected, objecting to the repeated questioning and urged Amer to end the line of inquiry. Eric Trump reiterated his stance, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to his previous testimony.


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