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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

VSS Imagine III by Virgin Galactic is the new Spaceship for space tourism

Virgin Galactic is not new to space travel technology. They are one of the successful ones to launch their spacecraft in outer space. We saw in December of 2018, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo as the newest addition to its fleet. It went out for a test flight and filmed as a short documentary dubbed by Founder Richard Branson. On the hope that the future of his generation may get the chance for flawless space travel. This year in March, Virgin Galactic made a new addition to their fleet. Imagine III is the name for the latest addition, a full-fledged spacecraft specially designed and engineered with futuristic technology.

A New Addition: VSS Imagine III

On March 30, we saw the shiny new space vehicle named VSS Imagine III. It is powerful enough to roam suborbital space. It is from the same line that the VSS III came from. With performance to cope with the future of space travel.

The look of the new spacecraft is pretty shiny with a design that looks terrific. Richard Branson said, "As a Spaceship III class of vehicle, VSS Imagine is not just beautiful to look at but represents Virgin Galactic's growing fleet of spaceships."

SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo gave new hope to commercial space travel. The announced price for a single seat and a single tour would cost about $250,000. It's not for the general people yet, of course, but for the wealthy ones who want to feel the vastness of space. The travel may be for a short while, but we are lucky to have the opportunity and dream of achieving outer space orbit.

In 2004, VSS Unity won the Ansari X prize worth $10 million. VSS Imagine III is a successor of the same model. The spacecraft holds a total of 8 people on board, including two pilots. Specially designed wing patterns help the spacecraft elevate & move into space at zero gravity altitude. With the help of carrier or support aircraft, Imagine III will be detached from 50,000 feet. Those familiar with this area and keep a keen eye on the orbital programs know that it helps astronauts travel between the spacecraft and the Earth. The Imagine III will not be able to perform that kind of action like frequent travel. But instead, it will give the passengers a few miles of a gravity-free tour to see the Earth's curvature and space.

Aircraft constructors are taking the new design in mind to implement it in their vehicles too. Virgin Galactic's goal is to make 400 flights per year with each of their spacecraft. So, commercial development is going under the radar of reaching their goal. The aircraft itself is not scalable, so there is a need for a whole new fleet. Previously we saw Tesla rising power in the space industry. Virgin Galactic's efforts are not behind. But the main thing is, there will be a big reveal from the same company by 2022, with more efficient carriers for commercial flights as travelling in this one is quite costly. Imagine III will be available for public use the following year once the fleet has a few more vehicles to display. It's been 18 years since the company is trying to bring the most suited space vehicle version.

VSS Inspire & VSS Imagine III

VSS inspire and VSS Imagine III both have groundbreaking technologies that allowed commence testing. According to Virgin Galactic, the Imagine III has a modular design, and it's a SpaceShip III class vehicle, given it a considerable performance boost in the ariel space. Besides, they said: "Future Astronauts are invited to be part of every step along the Virgin Galactic journey."


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