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  • Giles Stuart - Tech Journalist

Capgemini has hired 1,500 staff to be across its UK operations

Capgemini, the French technology consultancy, is hiring 1,500 staff across its UK operations including Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool. It will add to its almost 8,800 workforce in more than 16 locations in the UK, which is its third largest market outside France and North America. A third of the new staff will be hired via graduate and apprenticeship programmes. The new roles are expected to be filled in cybersecurity, digital and technology solutions and in project management and confirms their commitment to grow its digital talent in post-pandemic Britain.

The UK currently has a large digital skills shortage. Capgemini has a global workforce of 270,000 in 50 countries and a third of the new recruits will come from its long-running graduate and apprenticeships programmes which already accounts for 600 staff and a further 470 will be added in 2021. New locations will be opened in Glasgow, Telford, Worthing, Inverness, Manchester, Liverpool and Treforest, and the plan is to poach a lot of new staff from across the country. The Scottish office is expected to have 400 employees, along with 250 new jobs created during 2020.

UK Managing director of Capgemini, Paul Margetts said: "The events of the past year have proved that digital talent is more critical than ever as businesses rapidly accelerate their digital transformation and look to technology, particularly cloud, to solve some of today’s most pressing issues.

“I am proud of the role Capgemini continues to play in growing this vital talent but we know that we have to go further, which is one of the reasons we’ve doubled our early talent intake plans this year.”


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