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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

23 EU counties facing copyright rules by Commission as they are taking legal action

According to the Copyright in the Digital Single Market (CDSM) Directive, which was made two years back as members of the state tried to “bring into force the laws, regulations” in the system. Italy, France and 21 other counties in the EU are possibly going to court. The rules are taken care of before severe actions are taken.

Google, Facebook, Amazon are some of the most dominant tech businesses in the world today. Though they have done a lot for the technology sector and turned businesses towards a digital future, legal actions against them can still be taken. The companies are so vast that they certainly became monopolies. Which business doesn’t want to expand? But smaller companies and startups are suffering for whichever service they want to provide, there is a better version already available under tech giants wings. It may sound great which it quite is, but takes away the fact of rising entrepreneurship. The European countries are known for their leadership and entrepreneurship. If that fades, it may pose a problem in near future.

Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (EU) takes in amending directives according to 96/9/EC and 2001/29/EC. Adopted and implementation of those came in worldly use from 7th June 2019. Copyright rules are meant to create a level playing field according to Reuters. We’ve seen copyright protection on video-sharing platforms like YouTube and social media platform Facebook. They welcome the implementation of copyright regulations warmly. Though tech giants are going to and still under the construction process of adapting rules with copyright laws, some artists and broadcasters are not happy. Force sharing law, mentioned in Article 17, specifically mentioned “The Copyright Directive and the Directive on television and radio programs will allow for more content to be available across the EU.”

Copyright management will also be applied on Instagram. Other countries that may suffer consequences are Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

EU executives permitted a deadline to 21 countries and they failed to enact copyright rules in the time frame. They were specifically mentioned towards entertainment and informative programs on television and radio. The law reduces national discrepancies. It also helps to evolve protection in the creativity and investments industry. If safety procedures are not promoted, then the sector may face a critical crisis and lose originality.

Few existing EU acquis is InfoSec Directive, Rental and lending Directive, Resale Right Directive, Satellite and Cable Directive, Software Directive, IPRED, Database Directive, etc, Italy, Spain, Poland, France delayed transposing in the EU copyright rules earlier within the alignment of the rule which falls under national law. As the deadline passed, a formal notice was sent by the EU executive on Monday. Once infringement proceedings take place as the first step in the venture, they will gain another time frame to learn more about the case. An expansion of two months will be provided. Recently the copyright commission launched a dialogue between platformers and right holders. Directive on Copyright and Digital Single Market (Directive 2019/790/EU) has strict ability powered by national laws.

Another directive is the 2019/789/EU which is enough to modernise the digital culture with essential copyright rules and motivate the creativity of artists. So that customers and consumers get the best out of the digital world without making compromises. Digital copyright use is necessary for the core areas of the society and Europa EC digital too mentioned: “distribution of radio and television programmes across the EU” will be taken care of.


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