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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Acronis introduces Services Automation and Enhanced RMM Solutions

Acronis has announced it will be upgrading its Cyber Protect Cloud offering by adding security services automation and updating its RMM solution. The two new tools are not common offerings among common vendors and will help Acronis stand out in its efforts to help MSPs build and operate thriving and effective security services practices.

Acronis made the announcement during its recently concluded #CyberFit summit in Miami.

The services automation solution labelled Acronis Advanced Automation supports customer billing, SLA tracking, ticketing, and technician performance measurement.

According to Acronis CTO Oleg Melnikov, the tool will help with tasks such as tracking the workload of technicians, determining how busy a specific technician is or the whole team, which will help with decisions such as when to hire. The solution will also feature a net promoter score tool that helps its users establish how happy customers are with a specific technician.

Moreover, the new offering tracks per-tenant data on billable and non-billable time and helps determine how it affects business operations and profits.

“You will be able to see directly in Acronis Cyber Protect how profitable this customer is, how profitable the service class is, and how profitable the service you’re selling is so you can focus on the customers and the services that make sense for you as a business,” Melnikov says.

On the other hand, the updated RMM solution labelled Acronis Advanced Management will come with upgraded machine learning-based monitoring functionality that automatically detects suspicious activity on hardware, software, and processes while minimising false alerts.

“It’ll help us to fine tune values specifically for you and your customer to make sure that we’re not generating too much noise,” Melnikov says.

The existing patch management tool has also been revamped and will now let users rollback updates based on automated backups when patches fail. administrators will also have the ability to schedule patch rollouts for when it’s most convenient.

The new solution now also includes support for macOS and Linux devices in remote desktop management and allows both the user or admin to initiate support sessions.

The solution has also been redesigned to perform better in slow networks and will come with additional tools for communicating and collaborating with end-users.

Acronis will be using two-factor authentication and a new protocol with two-way AES encryption to enhance security in its remote desktop tool and cyber scripting tool.

The company will begin rolling out the new remote desktop features in December, followed by the other Advanced Management updates in the first three months of next year. Advanced Automation will officially launch in that quarter too.


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