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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

AI Rivalry: ChatGPT may face big competition with Anthropic after they claim their Claude 3 AI is superior

There’s a big rivalry in the AI scene, and it could topple ChatGPT from its throne. AI company, Anthropic makes gargantuan claims that its Claude 3 AI models could be superior and more effective than Open AI’s ChatGPT. 

The Claude group consists of three AIs with diverse roles and functions. Claude 3 Opus is the top performer, Sonnet at the middle, and Hasiku at the bottom. Anthropic claims they deliver powerful performance across multiple modalities. They provide answers with high levels of accuracy and can answer even difficult questions. 

The major reason for this update is that older versions of Claude would sometimes be unable to answer tough prompts that pushed the boundaries of its modalities. But with the recent upgrade to Claude 3 bond, users will be able to get reliable and more accurate answers to those tricky prompts. 

Anthropic brags that their Claude 3 Opus AI performs close to near-human comprehension, which I think is a big feat. One significant test was to put Opus through a “Needle in a Haystack” and see how well it did in recalling data. The results were impressive since the AI could recall information with near-perfect detail. The company goes further to claim that the AI can generate computer code, and display better reasoning than GPT-4.

Regardless of the many strides of this invention, there’s still a major problem of hallucinations. The response models may provide results that could be wrong. Nonetheless, the errors could be brought to the nearest minimum. 

The outlook of the Claude 3 would serve businesses looking to automate certain workloads. Consumers would experience the tool in the form of a chatbot on their websites or Applications when integrated. Its obvious, Anthropic would be in the scene for a while considering that Amazing has announced that it would be integrating Anthropic’s new AI's into AWS as this feature will give websites a way to customize the model to suit the needs of brands and their customers. 


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