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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Amazon makes the "return and complain policy" easier for faulty products from third-party sellers

E-commerce giant Amazon is bringing more change in their policies regarding faulty products refund and complaint policies. The company is always on the verge of adding the newest features, including healthcare benefits, employee orientation, and updated policies. These policies are going to convert to happier customers and another per cent gain in profit.

The platform updated its return policy. It now includes a provision that will help customers greatly to accommodate complaints. Mostly they will make checking and refunding defective products more accessible than before. Of course, the standards will have to meet by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee program.

The A-to-z Guarantee is an innovative and more accessible way to understand the policies. They are aimed towards customer satisfaction, and only according to experts, only Amazon have the resources and capability to implement drastic rules. The A-to-z Guarantee rules were addressed last Tuesday, including policy for defective products, late shipments, unsatisfied behaviour, and not meeting the terms.

Amazon service employees would handle the tasks personally and see through if the policies were broken or not. And measures will be taken accordingly.

The current situation goes in a process where buyers contact sellers directly. Amazon dint has a say in anything other than some external issues. But now, to meet with quality demand, Amazon is jumping in to get through policies alongside customers and sellers altogether.

Expired goods, unsafe products became more common over the years as Amazon felt it was a great idea to create direct seller customer relationships. It is excellent, but the topic became misused when customers received products of quality lower than expectation. So, from September, there will be an option for direct file claims on faulty products. The shares will be on Amazon directly, and the company will look through the issue and find out if it passes the A-to-Z Guarantee.

Even the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission called on Amazon to patch up a solution to the ongoing problem regarding product delivery and quality issues. Most suffering is caused by electronic products that give out lower grade materials on products like batteries and such. They are losing customers' money, and as an eCommerce platform that leads the globe, they should set up ideal situations. Updated laws are situated, and a bill named AB 3262 is sought out for "electrical retail marketplaces." Amazon responded that they would support the statement "according to the California Assembly member who introduced it."

The AB 3262 bill will be standard for Amazon and Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and such platforms. The current legislative deadline, unfortunately, is hardly supported for AB 3632 and its advancement. Nonetheless, Amazon vowed to support the bill truly, which is supposed to bring customers closer to an optimal solution without hurting the marketplace. Amazon is worth more than $1.6 trillion as a whole and became a go-to place to get everyday items.

The pandemic boosted sales as more customers turned to online shopping rather than going to physical shops. The company said they prioritise customers, and they must get the intended and proper product. The A-to-Z policy is not only to protect customers but alongside sellers who sometimes fall into false legislation. However, there are measures to refund customers if they order by mistake or doesn't fall under the proper buying procedure. Amazon has been struggling for an extended period to meet quality assurance in a freely exposed marketplace as the sale of faulty and counterfeit goods are growing in the market. We hope the measure changes are going to shine bright for all sides regarding the platform.


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