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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Anthropic launches new enterprise plan and iOS app for its generative AI

Anthropic, one of the leading generative AI startups globally, with a staggering $7.6 billion in funding, has announced the launch of its new paid plan targeting enterprises and released a new iOS app.

The newly unveiled enterprise plan, "Team," is tailored to meet the demands of businesses, particularly those operating in highly regulated sectors such as healthcare, finance, and legal industries. This plan offers higher-priority access to Anthropic's Claude 3 family of generative AI models, coupled with enhanced admin and user management controls.

Scott White, the product lead at Anthropic, explained the rationale behind the introduction of the Team plan, stating, "The Team plan is designed for businesses of all sizes and industries that want to give their employees access to Claude’s language understanding and generation capabilities in a controlled and trusted environment."

The Team plan provides users with a 200,000-token (~150,000-word) context window, enabling them to significantly increase their interactions with Claude. This context window allows the model to understand better the flow of data it processes, thereby enhancing its language generation capabilities.

Additionally, the Team plan offers new toggles for billing and user management, with forthcoming collaboration features such as citations to verify AI-generated claims and integrations with data repositories like codebases and customer relationship management platforms.

Moreover, Anthropic is rolling out an iOS app that provides access to its Claude 3 model, offering both free and upgraded Pro and Team access. The app syncs seamlessly with Anthropic's web client and utilizes Claude 3’s vision capabilities to provide real-time analysis for uploaded and saved images.

White emphasized the significance of the iOS app, stating, "The iOS app aims to make Claude a convenient and integrated part of users’ daily lives, both for personal and professional use. It complements the web interface and API offerings, providing another avenue for users to engage with the AI assistant."

The move comes as Anthropic continues to expand its offerings in response to the growing demand for AI solutions in the enterprise sector. With global corporate spending on generative AI projected to reach $15.1 billion by 2027, companies like Anthropic are vying to capture a significant share of this burgeoning market.

However, despite the optimistic outlook for the AI market, challenges remain. According to a recent Gartner survey, 49% of companies find it difficult to estimate and demonstrate the value of AI projects, while a poll from McKinsey indicates that 66% of executives believe generative AI is years away from delivering substantial business results.

Anthropic is pricing its Team plan competitively at $30 per user per month, with a minimum of five seats, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to integrate AI solutions into their operations.


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