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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Apple delays launch of AI features in the EU over regulatory uncertainties

Apple enthusiasts in Europe will have to wait a bit longer to experience the company's recently unveiled suite of AI features (Apple Intelligence). Apple announced a delay in rolling out these features to European users this year citing "regulatory uncertainties,"

The news comes just weeks after Apple showcased "Apple Intelligence," boasting functionalities like generating email summaries and creating custom emojis based on user descriptions. This move was seen as Apple's attempt to stay competitive in the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.

The DMA Throws a Wrench in the Plans

The source of Apple's hesitation lies in the European Union's recently enacted Digital Markets Act (DMA). This legislation aims to curb the dominance of major tech companies by establishing specific obligations for designated "gatekeepers." Apple falls under this category.

One key provision of the DMA concerns interoperability. The act mandates that gatekeepers allow their products and services to work seamlessly with those of competitors. Apple, however, expresses anxieties that adhering to these interoperability requirements could compromise the "integrity" of its products and potentially endanger user privacy and data security.

Privacy and Security Concerns at the Forefront

Apple maintains that its "walled garden" approach, where its hardware and software work best together, is crucial for safeguarding user data. The company worries that the DMA's interoperability requirements might force them to open up their ecosystem in ways that could expose user information or weaken their security protocols.

An Apple spokesperson emphasized the company's commitment to collaborating with the European Commission to find a solution. Ideally, they seek a way to deliver the promised AI features while upholding their security standards and complying with the DMA regulations.

The delay isn't limited to AI functionalities.

Enhancements to iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing, features designed to improve collaboration between Apple devices, are also on hold for European users. This further highlights Apple's apprehension regarding the potential impact of the DMA.

Uncertainty for European Users.

The exact timeline for the rollout of "Apple Intelligence" and other delayed features in Europe remains unclear. Until Apple and the European Commission reach an agreement, European users will have to wait to experience these functionalities.


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